xbox originals logo Is Microsoft saving more 'Halo' and TV show news for Comic Con?

Microsoft has a lot of exciting products coming to Xbox One in the next couple of years, and not all of them are games. But after Microsoft’s big console-focused E3 press conference in 2013, Microsoft Studios VP Phil Spencer said on June 9 that the company will be spending E3 2014 “dedicating our entire press conference to games.”
That’s all well and good, as there are plenty of new games to get excited for. But what about the other exciting and new venture Microsoft is working on, Xbox Originals? There are 12 projects Microsoft is currently in the works developing, not the least of which is a “Halo” TV series and a “Halo” digital feature. All that was mentioned during the press conference was that a new Ridley Scott episodic digital series, “Halo Nightfall,” is currently in production and will premiere in the release of “The Master Chief Collection” in November 2014.
It could be that Microsoft is holding back on making big Xbox Originals announcements until 2014 San Diego Comic-Con. The company got some flack in 2013 for discussing the Xbox One as an entertainment device instead of a gaming console, so it makes sense that Microsoft would want to return the E3 focus to its new batch of games and franchises in 2014.
While there is a video game presence at Comic-Con, the annual nerd gathering is an event that is a much better showcase for film and television. Taking the stage in Hall H would be the perfect place for Microsoft to reveal casts for some of the shows like “Halo,” “Winterworld,” “Gun Machine” and “Deadlands,” or even show some first-look footage. After all, the plan for Steven Spielberg’s “Halo” series is to have it hit Xbox consoles (and maybe Showtime) in fall 2015. Fingers crossed that’s actually why Microsoft held back here.
Are you disappointed that Microsoft didn’t reveal more information about its Xbox Originals at E3?
Posted by:Terri Schwartz