LUCY LAWLESS nude 'Xena: Warrior Princess' star Lucy Lawless hasn't worn a 'Spartacus' merkin. Yet“Xena Warrior Princess” star Lucy Lawless is often seen both topless — and bottomless — in the Starz lusty period drama “Spartacus.”

In an interview with, she talks about her merkin (fake pubic hair used to prevent glimpses of genitalia onscreen ) and which male stars are using prosthetic penises.

]]>On her merkin: “I think everyone’s got [a merkin] just for fun. Mine, I haven’t had to break it out yet. Though [laughs] next season, maybe! Yeah, wait for it!” On the show’s film quality production values
They were supportive right from the start. They really had the conviction that we had made a show that was very brave. And you’ve got to be, to get attention these days to penetrate the market, you’ve got to be pretty outrageous and prepared to go there. I think they pushed us to go there until we found the boundary of what the show wanted to be and then we sort of pulled back and went, ‘Oh yeah, okay, we don’t need to go past that point…’ The show really found it’s place. On not getting into shape for “Ancient Rome“: “My character is not supposed to be ripped. She’s a woman. It’s Ancient Rome. It’s not like they were popping off to the gym every two seconds, but they were very image conscious, that’s for sure. I must admit that I have beefed up my exercise routine in the interim. Since I finished the show, I’m doing a lot more squats and even running now.” On the possibility of slipping back into “Xena” role:
Well, I would, but apart from me and Rob, there doesn’t seem to be anyone else interested in doing that. And Renee, I think Renee [O’Connor] would be into it.  
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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead