"Wolves are very popular this year," The Dish Rag caught one reporter saying to Hugh Jackman, as she desperately tried to draw a parallel between the werewolves on "Twilight" and his Wolverine character in "X-Men."

Most movie stars would have ripped this poor clueless girl's head off.

Instead, classy Hugh corrects her in such a way that leaves her still wearing some shred of dignity.

At his handprint-footprint ceremony at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hugh patiently explains that she is making the same mistake he made before he started the first movie, when he learned that wolverines were not wolves at all, but small and very fierce (actually members of the badger family) creatures. 

"We all feel like mutants some days," he says, consolingly.

Well, this girl must feel like one right about now.

Video reporting: Sal Morgan

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead