Like the characters on Notes From the Underbelly, we have Lost rules in my house. No talking or multi-tasking while Lost is on. All lights are turned off and drinks and non-noisy foods must be in hand before it starts. Those who can’t anticipate their bathroom needs so that they are taken care of beforehand — or are unable to wait until after it’s over — will be subjected to at least one exasperated sigh and meaningful glare.

For one season Heroes was also sacrosanct, but after May’s dud of a finale, restrictions were lifted and I’ve been surfing on my laptop while only paying half attention to season two’s fumblings with nary a regret. Luckily, Pushing Daisies immediately proved itself worthy of being afforded the same special "Lost Rules" treatment.

Actually, 2007 was largely a year of shifting loyalities and personal discovery through TV for me. Other lessons learned:

We’re On a Break: I haven’t completely broken up with HBO, but ever since the stellar finale of The Sopranos, I’ve found our relationship to be much more casual. Weeks go by without us seeing one another, but when we do get around to checking in we have a pleasant enough time. You know, if you consider being put through the emotional wringer by Tell Me You Love Me and Five Days pleasant.

Meanwhile, I’ve been spending a lot more time with Showtime’s Weeds, Californication and Dexter. Only time will tell if that was mostly a fall fling (I still haven’t completely forgiven them for canceling Dead Like Me). I didn’t get into the first season of The Tudors, but now that it’s headed for the Anne Boleyn years, I’m willing to give it another go.

A fellow critic has a theory that once disgraced former HBO programming chief Chris Albrecht has performed the requisite Acts of Contrition, all will be forgiven and he will be reinstated. Not-so-secretly, I hope she’s right … ummm … yeah, this seems like a good time to stop with the relationship analogy.

It’s Good to Let Go:
I felt obligated to stick with Gilmore Girls until the bitter end but for most of the last season I was begging them to end it already. While I found the official finale as satisfying as we could reasonably hope, to my mind the real end of the show was the season before. At least with Marissa dead, The OC managed to have one final season to remind us why we loved it so much to begin with. The conclusion of Veronica Mars was a bit more bittersweet. On one hand, it was a really strong finale. On the other, it was obviously not the one that would have been written if Rob Thomas had not been fairly sure that the show would return in some incarnation, only to have an 11th hour decision go the other way.

I Need to Start Making My Emmy List Early: Quite frankly, without Damages and Mad Men I’m not sure how I would have made it through the summer (Actually, I do. Greek and Kyle XY.). Sure, Damages seemed to lose its way with too many red herrings in the middle, but it more than redeemed itself at the end and I will never look at Ted Danson the same way again. As for Mad Men, I’ve never been so thoroughly sucked in by something with so little plot. Just sharing an hour once a week with the characters is special enough. The Mad Men cast is also the reason that such things as ensemble acting awards exist.

My Inner Geek:
I swore that Battlestar Galactica was an anomaly. After all, it isn’t really a science fiction show. Rather a drama set in space. But when you start watching not only science fiction, but hardcore British science fiction on a regular basis, there’s no going back. My drugs of choice? Doctor Who, Torchwood and Jekyll, thank you very much.

Virtual Reality: The Truth About Miriam may indeed be the only reality show that I’m actually above watching.

Never Say Never: While I enjoyed the pilots for Journeyman and Dirty Sexy Money, I never expected them to become two of the shows I most look forward to each week. Yet, here we are (or were, in the case of Journeyman). Also, thanks to the tireless efforts of Zap2it readers and my co-workers I gave second chances to and am now hooked on Supernatural and 30 Rock, respectively.

Now, if I could just make the time to watch those Friday Night Lights DVDs … .

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