kanye west yeezus teaser gi 'Yeezus' teaser video has Kanye West rapping 'I Am a God'

If anyone thinks highly of Kanye West, chances are it’s a mere drop in the bucket compared to what he thinks of himself. After all, he considers himself at the level of Steve Jobs and Walt Disney. The rapper, and baby daddy-to-be to Kim Kardashian, has a new album hitting stores Tuesday (June 18), but he’s giving the world a sneak peak.
The preview comes in the form of a video that looks like it was shot in the studio. It features Kanye recording vocals for the song “I Am a God.” That’s right, on the album Kanye has a song about being a god.
The verse goes as follows: “I just talked to Jesus, he said ‘What up, Yeezus?’ I said, ‘S***, I’m chillin, trying to stack these millions.’ I know he the most high, but I am a close high. Mi casa, su casa, that’s our Cosa Nostra. Ah! I am a god.”
This makes it sound like Yeezus is a character West himself is taking on, not quite as important as Jesus, but a big deal none the less. At least he didn’t say he was bigger than Jesus, that didn’t work out for The Beatles once.
As soon as Kanye finishes his verse, someone else in the studio chimes in, saying, “It’s great,” before the chatter begins. Always good to have an enabler around, right? When Kanye says he especially liked the lyric, “Trying to stack these millions,” someone in the studio jokes that it’s “more relatable.”
What do you think? Does this little preview of “I Am a God” make you want to run out and pick up the album the day it’s released? You can check out the teaser video below (Warning: foul language):

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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