Today: Info on Battlestar Galactica‘s final cylon and farewell episode. Plus, Gossip, Grey’s and a little Real Housewives rant. Oh, and if you’re pumped for Wednesday’s Damages premiere, perhaps you’d like to prepare yourself by reading a spoiler here and some scoop there

Korbi, I really enjoyed your Battlestar Galactica interviews with Jamie Bamber and Mary McDonnell last year. Since BSG is returning for its ending run later this month, I’m hoping you have more info for us! -Dennis
Indeed, I do. On a conference call this afternoon, exec producers Ron Moore and David Eick revealed that we’ll find out who the final cylon is before the series finale. In fact, they said many of the show’s major questions will be answered before the final ep and they’re pretty proud of how this last stretch turned out.

What’s up with the Battlestar Galactica finale? I heard it might be two or three hours long. Can that be true? -Margaret
Seems the tenth and final episode does actually stretches three hours. Sci Fi hasn’t yet decided if they will chop it up into two installments for its original airing, but Moore and Eick said there are plans to air it in its entirety at least once.

I cannot believe that Gossip Girl is doing this whole love child thing with Lily and Rufus. 90210, Brothers & Sisters, so many shows have already covered it! To death! -Jacqueline

I feel your pain, but I’m hearing GG may actually put its own little spin on the whole "bastard kid coming to town and turning everyone’s lives upside down" storyline. I know my pal Michael Ausiello at EW has said that the long-lost child will show up towards the end of the season, but as I understand, the original plan was for Rufus and Lily to find out that their first born son was killed in a tragic accident.

Anything on Grey’s Anatomy? -Nani
This week, when Izzie finally tells Alex that she’s  been "seeing" Denny, he won’t really get it and sort of blow it off. But the seriousness of Dr. Stevens’ situation is going to become painfully clear sooner rather than later.

Korbs, are you watching The Real Housewives of Orange County? You haven’t mentioned it once this season! -Jac

Every episode. My thoughts? Vicki and Tamra are just perfect as besties because they’re both total dorks. I miss Laurie and Tammy because of their calmer, cool demeanor. But either way, I cannot stop watching this garbage…

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