A few questions, a few answers…

Korbi, Is Tori Spelling really doing 90210?!! -Michelle
Donna Martin Graduates! The deal is done, baby. I spoke to a friend of hers who gave me the wink-wink when I asked.

Who is the father of Adrianna’s baby? Is it the HIV guy or someone we know? -P
Someone we know. Someone we haven’t seen in a while. Someone who’s super hot.

How I Met Your Madre, por favor! -Kim
Barney’s finally going to tell Robin he loves her.

Thx for your How I Met Your Mother stuff. Great show! Got anything on cutie guy Ted Mosby? -Ben
I think he might be quitting his job and starting his own architecture firm.

So Alexandra Cabot is coming back to Law & Order: SVU? -Ringold
Yup, E.P. Neal Baer said Stephanie March will return to the role on February 17th for six episodes. Apparently Cabot’s put her horrible past behind her and will be killing it in the courtroom once again.

Bones!!!!!!!!!! -Jennifer
More trouble for Angela and Hodgins… sort of. Seems she’ll suffer an injury as a result of some experiment he spearheads.

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh