Leave it to Ricky Gervais to make a holocaust joke hilarious. I have to say, the time he spent on the Golden Globe stage last night was the highlight of the telecast for me. He kills every time. But I’d award runner up props to Tina Fey for telling each of her internet haters to suck it, ha. Other than that, the mini tribute to Heath Ledger, Tracy Morgan‘s ramblings and Colin Farrell‘s reference to his former coke habit, the show was kind of boring, no? Maybe because I haven’t seen a single one of the nominated movies… Alright, on to your questions re: 24, Nip/Tuck, 90210 and Desperate.

I’m really glad 24 is back. I thought the premiere was pretty cool. Can you tell me what’s next? -Kate
Hour 3 (which airs tonight) is awesome. There’s a huge twist on the horizon.

Can you elaborate a bit on what Bill Buchanan’s role is in season 7? I’ve hardly heard about him. -James

Bill Buchanan — and Chloe (aka Mary Lynn Rajskub), who I just ran into on her way out of the Beverly Hilton — will be a big part of that huge twist I was just talking about.

Hey Korbi, Thanks for the 24 article. I was wondering, did you mean to insinuate that Janeane Garofalo’s character is a baddie? -Effie
Oh, I was just speculating about who the leak in the bureau is. I actually don’t think it’s Janis.

The 24 premiere was great! I do like agent Renee Walker, she’s feisty. -Will
And she only gets feistier. Seems she learned a thing or two from her time with Jack, stay tuned.

Korbi! I wanted to know if we were going to get any closure on Eden’s character from Nip/Tuck?  Thanks.

Yes, indeed. 90210 producers were kind enough to let AnnaLynne McCord finish filming her Nip/Tuck arc last Fall, so we should see Eden again soon.

I’m already hooked on the new season of Nip/Tuck. Any scoop on the new characters like Dr. Raj and the chick from Veronica Mars? Is Sean going to sleep with her? -Charlie
I don’t know about the chick, but I do know that Dr. Raj is going to get some action soon… though it doesn’t turn out to be exactly what he was expecting.

Tell me there are more old 90210 characters coming back to the show. I want to see a familiar face. -Shannon

Well, if you’re hoping for Dylan McKay, don’t hold your breath. But if you’re cool with seeing Jackie Taylor again, you can get excited. Word is, Kelly and Silver’s loony mom will soon make a return appearance.

Any inside info on Desperate Housewives? -Lisa
I’m hearing something about a marriage in trouble. One of the Wisteria men we may or may not already know might be mixing things up with another woman come February…

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