After posting info on the first two episodes of Lost season five last week, I received a few additional questions regarding the introductory hours. Read on for the answers and a bit of intel on Secret Life of the American Teenager, One Tree Hill and more…

I read on the internet that in the opening scene of Lost‘s premiere, someone wakes
up, and the alarm clock reads, "8:15". Here’s what I think, please tell
me if I’m right or wrong: Ben
wakes up, some crazy stuff happens, he goes to see Jack at Locke’s
coffin, and some more crazy stuff happens (typical Lost). So, I guess what I’m really asking is, is Ben in the scene at the beginning with an alarm clock??? -Brian

He is not. The man in the opening scene with the alarm clock is certainly someone familiar to all Lost fans, but we will be seeing him in a whole new and exciting capacity.

Just tell me that Jin is alive. I cannot watch the series if he is dead and gone. -Patrick

Though Jin could be dead, he is certainly not gone. You’ll even catch a glimpse of him in at least one of the first couple episodes this season. Hell, I don’t think he’s really even dead. However, after the first two hours, we’re still yet to learn his actual fate.

Three characters die in the Lost premiere?! It won’t be three main characters, will it? -Isabelle

It will not be three main characters.

Can u tell me if Jate is on good terms in the first two episodes? -Michael
No, Jack and Kate are not on good terms. Though I think Kate considers calling him at one point, they don’t actually have any contact with each other.

Secret Life of the American Teenager
is back! Scoop me! -Kelli

As I was the first to tell you last September, Ben and Amy will tie the knot tonight and Grace’s brother Tom will introduce his new girlfriend, who I’m now hearing is African American.

Any info on Secret Life of the American Teenager? -Megyn
This season, we’ll visit the scene of Amy and Ricky’s infamous crime when the kids travel back to band camp.

What’s up with Peyton on One Tree Hill? Does she have cancer or is she pregnant? -Kathy
Methinks P. Sawyer’s preggers, but we should find out for sure tonight.

Korbi, Will you watch this new season of The Bachelor with single dad, Jason? -Gaye

Probably, yeah. It starts this evening and I’m told that though there are four single moms this time around, that doesn’t mean these women are mature…

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh