Breaking news: The Hills isn't completely fake. On Wednesday, I went to a private Epic Records showcase to see this new Irish band, The Script, and you won't believe who was working the event. Audrina. I mean, the whole thing was being filmed, so maybe it was just an elaborate set up for the show, but she did pass out CDs to the small crowd before cameras rolled, so… yeah, I don't know. Anyway, today: Friday Night Lights, United States of Tara, Life on Mars, Big Love, Lost, Ugly Betty, The Office and 90210, topped with a little David Silver time. Enjoy.

As huge supporters of Friday Night Lights, let's team up to tell the world how amazing it is. Or maybe you could just tell me what's coming up this season? -Michael
With pleasure. It won't be long before we really start getting to know four solid new characters: J.D. McCoy, the rich kid freshman who's about to make real trouble for Matt Saracen, his mom Katie McCoy who has great chemistry with Tami Taylor, Matty's mom whom we met a couple weeks back, and a rodeo cowboy named Cash who has caught Tyra's eye. They'll all be pretty major players in this year's storylines.

Anything on United States of Tara? I'm still intrigued. -PGamble
We're going to spend some time with Kate's new "Barnaby's" boss this Sunday and he's an even bigger douchebag than Marshall's teacher.

Hey, thanks for the Life on Mars info. I loved seeing Johnny Sack on the show. -Pete
Yeah, how cool was that? And it probably won't be the last Life on Mars appearance for Sopranos actor, Vincent Curatola. I'm told they plan to have him back. We're also getting more of Gene's daughter Maria (Maggie Siff), who's sticking around for several episodes so we can watch this hot thing with her and Sam play out. Oh, and p.s., what's in the basement? We'll find out soon.

Big Love, please. -Maggie
Bill's half brother Frankie is turning out to be quite the ladies man. Rhonda will lose her mind when Sarah asks him to take her to the prom this week. But on the big night, he hooks up with Heather. Yes, Heather Tuttle's getting some play. Hallelujah. Maybe he'll take the stick out of her ass while he's at it.

Lost, bitches! -Chuck
Well, since you asked so very nicely: The producers are looking for a new character named Sophie who'll first appear in episode 14 of this season. She's in her late 30s, British, a prim and proper aristocratic type who can be tough when necessary to protect her family. Also, they say she needs to be relatively short for "matching purposes," so she's probably related to someone we already know. Thoughts?

Korbi, There is panic amongst my friends online that ABC is putting

Ugly Betty on hold in March and doing all sorts of schedule changes.

WTF? -Kel
If you're worried that UB is getting the boot, don't be. It'll be back for sure, this season and next. Insiders say a fourth year is pretty much a sure thing.

Your review of The Office's post Superbowl episode has me very excited. Give me more, please. -Katherine
Do you remember Pam seeing Michael's penis in the Fun Run episode? Is penis a dirty word? Can I say that? Well anyway, yeah, you'll hear all about said member from her on Sunday.  

You are the best for 90210 scoop, Korbs! So excited about Donna Martin's return, but do you really know for sure that she and David are still married? -Linds
Yep. They're still hitched and co-habitating in Japan. But Donna's contemplating a move back to BH, because she's not happy overseas. However, if she does relocate, her already rocky relationship with David will be in real danger. Best cast scenario? Donna opens a store on Robertson and while here, David returns to be with her. Brian Austin Green tells me he's down. And if Terminator tanks after its upcoming move to Friday, he'll be freed up to do so. Watch the clip below to see us chatting on such subjects…

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