A quickie Q&A is in order, am I right? It’s a special numeric edition with scoop on 30 Rock, One Tree Hill, 90210 and 24

Korbi, I looooove 30 Rock. It is the best show! I watched it because of you and now I’m hooked. Any word on what’s coming up? I need a fix. -Nicole
Hell yeah. You just made my day. Scoop for you: Liz Lemon’s high school reunion is right around the corner and it’s a lower key episode, but still can’t-miss. Maybe my favorite of the season so far. Turns out Liz was kind of dick back in the day! By the way, Blake Lively‘s older sister, Robyn (who you might remember from Teen Witch and The Karate Kid III), guests as one of Liz’s classmates, though she’s almost unrecognizable in an awful, blonde midwesterny mom wig (no disrespect to the midwest, I’m one of you)…

30 Rock
! 30 Rock! -LL

Don Geiss will wake from his coma on December 4th and the first person he calls — after his French Canadian mistress, of course — is Jacky boy. Unfortunately, Geiss’ news re: naming a successor is less than desirable for the Donaghy camp… But Jack won’t be the only 30 Rock V.I.P. in a bad place next week. Tracy and Jenna have a new arch enemy at work and you won’t believe who. That’s right, sweet NBC Page Mr. Kenneth Parcell!

Hey Korbi, thanks for the One Tree Hill interview with Mark Schwahn this week. I cannot believe how crazy some of the fan comments are, fighting over story lines and stuff. I think Mark and the show are awesome. -Grace
Indeed! The man is doing somethin’ right: with the two extra hours The CW tacked on to this season, One Tree Hill will now surpass Dawson’s Creek in number of episodes. Interesting fact, no?

Someone made a rude comment about Mouth on your One Tree Hill
. Well, I love Lee Norris and I want more scoop on
him! -KJ

Will some hair and makeup info do? Well, more about the hair, really.
Did you dig the way Mr. Marvin McFadden looked in last week’s 1940’s
ep? Because I did and so did Mark Schwahn. I guess the
stylists gave Mouth a weave to accomplish that old-school look and it
worked so well on Lee that it’s going to stick. Mark was like, isn’t it
funny how Lucas could have a dream and when he wakes up Mouth’s
real-life hair is just as he imagined it?!

Hey Korbi, whatever happened to that Tom Welling-looking kid Ty on 90210?
The one who Annie was gonna give it up to before Adrianna got to him
first? He just up and disappeared! I assume he’s off the show?

Don’t assume anything, Annabelle. I’m told that Tom Welling-lookin’ kid will show up on your small-screen when 90210
returns next year… and with good reason. Let’s just say Ty’s all tied
up in a totally important storyline which you spoilerphiles have
already heard a bit about.

What did you think of the 24 movie? I thought it was awesome. Can’t wait for January! -Matt

Yeah, Redemption was pretty damn good. I enjoyed it. I was so afraid for the boys the whole time and Jack was all sexy, laying his life on the line for them… it’s been too long. Plus, the new female President is kind of perfect, given current events. I like how she’s all idealistic and altruistic. I spoke with 24 E.P. Jon Cassar about what we can expect come January. The following is an excerpt of the conversation which took place between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m.:

Season 7 will be different from every other season because there’s
no CTU. Plus, we’re hearing the villain is not a terrorist, but
someone trying to get back in power. Can you talk about that?

JC: Well, basically what we’re doing is we’re playing with Blackwater and these military firms that provide the government with power.
That is one of the characters on the show, part of being on the wrong side of
the law, let’s say. Not necessarily the bad guy for the year, but it’s part of
what we’re dealing with… And then we’ve got the whole Africa storyline and
that’s in the news right now… We also have a female president for the first time, so
we’re going with that dynamic and what it means to have a First Gentleman. Cherry Jones is knocking it out of the park. She’s
probably one of the best actresses I’ve ever worked with. She also has scenes
with Kiefer, which is pretty exciting.

And Kiefer’s got a female partner this year, no?
JC: Yes! He’s also dealing with a female
partner, so that’s a completely different dimension, but more so that it’s a female
partner that’s in the FBI. She’s not someone who breaks the rules. So you
have a rule breaker and rule enforcer working together. So how do you get information out of someone that you need the information out of? Do you go the
torture route? Or do you go the legal route? We’re dealing with that subject
matter virtually head-on, and it’s really interesting to see the dynamic
between him and Annie Wersching who plays Renee Walker, the female agent.

Alright, kids, that’s it for today. But if you’ve got more Qs, give me a shout: kghosh@zap2it.com

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