Hey, friends. It’s Friday, we have a new president-elect and 30 Rock retained 93% of The Office‘s numbers last night! I’m content. Up for another quick Q&A to close out the week?

So someone’s pregnant on 90210! I know you know who it is, so just spill it! When is this all going to happen? -Michael
I can’t just come right out and tell you, that doesn’t seem right. How ’bout I simply say that this girl can’t catch a break. The second things start to look up for her, she seems to be starring in yet another after-school special… As for when it’s going down, I’m hearing mid-January. 9-0 will air its last episode of the year on November 18th and then break until 1/6. By the way, Brenda will be in both those hours!!

Everyone’s talking about Cameron and Chase and House and Cuddy. How about some Foreman scoop? -Jen

He’s going rogue. Foreman is just itching to move out of House’s shadow… like we can’t tell from the annoyance all over his face each week. Anyway, he’ll take on a case of his own this month, attempting to assert his independence. But word is, the prodigal son will probably be forced to return to the master for help or risk his young patient’s life.

So, are Heidi and Spencer actually doing How I Met Your Mother or what? -Devin
I’m told their deal isn’t quite done, but their cameo — which you heard about here first — is indeed in the works as we speak.

Any Bones scoop, Korbi? -Reena

You may have heard that Brennan’s father Max (Ryan O’Neal) returns to
the show for an episode later this month, but his daughter isn’t the
reason he’s back. Cam has actually hired Max to be a teacher for
the Jeffersonian’s child enrichment program, much to the dismay of
Bones, who only finds out after he starts working. She reacts just
about as well as you’d expect her to… By the way, we’re going to have to wait a bit longer for the resolution to the Grave Digger storyline. It won’t air this month as I’d originally heard, but early next year instead.

I really liked Sunday’s Brothers & Sisters episode. I knew there had to be more fallout from Robert bitching Nora out during that adoption dinner and I like how it happened weeks later. Nora had been stewing for weeks and then just let it out. But I like Robert. Are he and Kitty going to end up having crazy marital troubles? I hope not. -Meredith

There will continue to be some issues between Robert and Kitty, but that’s normal in a marriage, right? From what I hear, their major points of contention will revolve around Robert’s ambition versus his commitment to family. I’m told he may miss the birth of their child because of a press conference. And things could get even more complicated when he starts considering a run for governor of California…

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh