Who’s hooking up on 90210? Which Walker kid will butt heads with their newest sibling on B&S? And what’s the latest on Pushing DaisiesChuck and Ned? How will she forgive him for killing her father? This, plus scoop on Dirty Sexy Money, ER, Greek and more…

Thanks for all the 90210 interviews, Korbi! Great coverage, but I’d expect nothing less after reading your bio! I’m not obsessed with the show yet, but I think it definitely has potential. Do you know anything about what’s coming up? -Tanya P.
Indeed, Tanya P! Next Tuesday’s hour is all about Erin Silver, the baby sis of Kelly and David. If you were into the infamous Fashion Show episode, in which Cindy Walsh saw Jackie Taylor snorting lines in the bathroom, you should set your DVR immediately. And speaking of Silver, she’s got her eye on a certain dude — I call him Dee Dub — who’s new to the Beverly Hills ‘hood. And he’s totally into her, too.

Yes, I’m getting to know the new Walker sibling a bit better, Alisa. And since we won’t meet Ryan till mid-season, a little info on him to tide you over: Unlike Rebecca, he’s not an only child. He’s got two older brothers and a father — who despite now knowing that Ryan is not his biological son — still cares for him deeply. But I’m told Ryan will turn to Rebecca for advice on whether or not to meet the Walker clan and let them into his life. Word is, Rebecca will become fond of Ryan, but Justin… not so much. The two half-brothers will almost come to blows during their first family dinner.

Thanks for the info on Dirty Sexy Money.  Any news about Brian and Brian, Jr.?  Love them.  Spill please. -Ro

My pleasure: Brian, Jr. will be back in Brian’s life this season, big time. And so will Brian, Jr.’s mom! I’m not saying they’ll get married or anything, but they will form a very tight bond as Brian helps her through one the most difficult periods of her life.

Angela Bassett is one of my favorite actresses. I’m really glad she’ll be on ER with her husband this season. Any scoop? -David

I’m glad too. Her husband, Courtney B. Vance, went to my high school and was kind of a legend there —  student body president, lettered in three sports and apparently a super nice guy. Anyway, they will team up as man and wife on ER, though I’m hearing there’s quite a bit of tension in their characters’ marriage. It seems she’s obsessive about her medical career, and insiders tell me the couple is also dealing with the tragic death of their child.

Korbi, when is Pushing Daisies coming back? I do not want to miss it! -Michael

Pushing Daisies premieres on October 1st. And I’ve got a major spoiler: You know Chuck’s dad? The father whom her boyfriend, Ned, accidentally killed back in the day? He’s rising from the dead! That’s right. I don’t know if Ned resurrects him in order to make things right with the love of his life, but I do know he returns to the living for at least three episodes this season. He’ll be the same age as he was when he kicked the bucket (not much older than Chuck is now) and I’m hearing the reunion with his daughter is a happy one.

How great is Greek?! That’s so funny that you ended up at their party last week! Makes me want to move to L.A.!! -Emma
It has its perks. And I forgot to tell you that Veronica Mars‘ Dick Casablancas (Ryan Hansen), 90210‘s George Evans (Kellan Lutz, the douchey LaCrosse kid who tried to get Dixon kicked off the team) and Laguna Beach‘s Talan Torriero were there too. No sign of L.C., though we will see her on Greek later this season. If you want to hear how that whole guest spot got set up, check out Korbi TV’s Fall Casting Coups feature, currently running on yahoo.com

Okay, kids, that’s it for today. But if you’ve got more TV questions, hit me up at kghosh@zap2it.com

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