So, both "Desperate Housewives" and "Big Love" went out last night with a major death. In the case of "DH," we knew it was going down, and though the final scenes made it seem like Edie has a chance, there's no question Nicollette Sheridan is bidding the show adieu. As for "Big Love," the loss is one which we speculated would happen, but weren't one hundred percent sure.

So, now that you know who's out, how do you feel about it? Killing the series' most recognizable villain is a big freaking deal. Will you miss Roman? Did you find yourself feeling bad for the despicable old man? Let us know by commenting below. In the meantime, I'll knock out a few of your questions…

Korbs, I thought the "Big Love" finale was great. I'm going to miss that show on Sundays. How long till it comes back? We had to wait almost two years the last time. I don't think I can do it again. -Peter
Co-creator Will Scheffer told me season four is scheduled to premiere in January. Still a ways away, but definitely an improvement upon the previous hiatus time which was prolonged because of the writers strike.

I totally agree that "Big Love" is the best hour of television! It is absolutely phenomenal! Isn't the finale episode 3×10? Why aren't they doing 12 episodes for the season? -Dana
According to Will, that was purely a scheduling decision on HBO's part. And since this season has been so gripping, I guess I won't complain. They are set to do just 10 next time around as well. But that is, in no way, a reflection of HBO being unhappy with the show. On the contrary, their early pick up of year four indicates the opposite.

Seeing Cutthroat Bitch on "Big Love" is so fun. Can we expect more of her? -Jesse
Indeed. Though the show does not have her tied down to a contract, Will said Anne Dudek (that's her actual name, "House" fan) always been willing to come in and work whenever they need her. Also, they adore her and really enjoy writing for that character. And since Alby will actively continue his play for Juniper Creek power next year, he'll certainly need his lady — "Adaleen, the sequel" is what I like to call her — by his side.

The "Big Love" finale was good. One thing I thought we'd see though was the return of Ana. And maybe something more between Ben and Margene. Are those stories over? -Kate
I think seeing Ana again at some point is a possibility, but I'll have to ask. As for Ben and Margene, that's definitely not over. While we may have to wait until season five for the issue to surface again, the writers will eventually come back to it. Yes, that's right, I said "season five." Though there's of course no official word on additional seasons, in light of the "Big Love"'s level of success, you can expect it to return for several years. 

One of your competitors started a rumor that Tommy on "Brothers & Sisters" disappeared to join a cult. Can you just tell me if this is true? If he joins a cult, the show will so jump the shark. -Jamie
Not to worry, no cult. I promise. Pretty sure this won't come to light until the season finale when Nora goes south of the border to search for him. But yeah, no shark jumping just yet.

20 Dollhouses?! WTF?? Are we going to see any of them this season? -Rebecca

According to creator Joss Whedon, we won't actually be seeing any of the other dollhouses this season, but we will be meeting some of the people in charge of them and hearing more on the subject. If FOX orders another year of episodes in May though, we'll probably get to

peek inside the other DHs down the road. And yes, the plan is to have brand new sets built, not just the set we've seen so

far with new people.

"Secret Life of the American Teenager" finishes tonight? -Gina
It does. If you need to catch up on the show before Amy delivers her baby this evening, you take care of that here.

Anything new on Nick Lachey's "One Tree Hill" episode? -Cat
Yes. It's not just an episode, it's now an arc. The former newlywed was originally scheduled to appear just once, but I hear show creator Mark Schwahn asked Nick to stick around an extra week and he agreed.

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh