Anyone catch HBO's newest offering, Eastbound & Down, last night? Thoughts? There were a few good laughs, it's definitely got a Will Ferrell feel to it.

Anyway, today, a quick Q&A touching on Brothers & Sisters, Grey's Anatomy, Life on Mars and more. Plus, a 24 treat and the winner of Friday's Terminator contest…

Great to have Ken Olin back on Brothers & Sisters. I know you reported it a while back, but I had forgotten he was going to be around. We're going to see more of him, right? -Olivia

We are. We'll also see William Walker again before the season ends. Tom Skerritt is scheduled to appear in a flashback with Calista Flockhart this Spring.

So now Shonda Rhimes is saying that the rumors about Katherine Heigl and TR Knight leaving Grey's are untrue. So they're not leaving? -Alicia
If you examine Shonda's exact words, you'll see she's quite skilled at evading the whole truth. As I understand it, Heigl and Knight are currently negotiating the terms of their departure. Since they're both under contract, they're technically at the mercy of the network execs and producers, who are no doubt insisting on conditions (most likely future guest appearances) before letting them take off. But until everyone reaches an agreement on all points, KH & TR can't go anywhere, which gives Shonda room to shimmy when directly questioned.

Any scoop on my new fave,

Life on Mars?-Max
This Wednesday, Sam will meet someone who claims to be from 2009. In fact, the man in question actually has a board of possible explanations

for his time jump. It's nearly identical to the one Sam had at the beginning of the season.

Korbi, is Sam gonna wise up and realize that Annie is the girl for him anytime

soon?- Jana

A surprising person will nudge Sam a little bit closer to realizing that very thing

in this week's episode. But before Annie can think about romance, she's going

to have her hands full trying to deal with Ray. No, not romantically — we'll

actually meet Ray's wife soon — but the two do have to partner up and you

can just imagine how thrilled Ray will be to be working with No Nuts.

How I Met Your Mother/Barney Stinson scoop please! -P
B.S. will soon be banned from his favorite laser tag establishment.

Lost! Can you give us a Juliet spoiler please? -Mina
I'm actually hoping to get an interview with Elizabeth Mitchell pretty soon, so if you've got specific questions for her, please email me at

Before we all break to enjoy President's Day, a couple things: 1) There's some great Chloe time coming up on tonight's 24, peep the sneak preview below. 2) Thanks to everyone who emailed me with their heartfelt thoughts on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Unfortunately, there could only be one victor. Congratulations to Josemanuel Angel Ruiz, whose words I've copied and pasted for your reading pleasure (and p.s., neither Dollhouse nor Terminator did terribly well on Friday, so if you're into either of them, it's time to start telling your friends to watch)…

There are several reasons that I love

Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles. The first reason is that the show

creators/writers respect the franchise. Far too many shows that are created

based on a previous movie, comic book or tv show ignore its predecessors and

try to reinvent the wheel. This may work for attracting viewers unfamiliar with

the franchise, but it leaves the loyal fan base in the cold. Fans like myself

like to see continuity with our beloved franchises. In the very least a nod to

the past is very much appreciated. They have done this with TSCC. It was

revealed in T3 that Sarah had died of cancer, of course then making it

impossible to have TSCC. Instead of glossing over this, or just plain ignoring

it, the brilliant writers of the show incorporated it into the storyline and did

not take the lazy way out. They made it work, and they did it for the fans. I

instantly loved the show for that. Secondly, the show has amazing actors.

Whenever iconic roles are recast it makes all the fans nervous and leaves us

thinking "How can they ever possibly recast this role and still make it

good?!." Somehow the team at TSCC pulled it off and gave us believable and

brilliant actors that do the franchise proud, and have erased all doubts from

this fan. Thirdly, the show has an excellent balance of story to action. We

don't simply get pointless chase scenes and explosions. There is a plot point

to everything that happens which makes us care more about what is going on on

screen and keeps us glued to our seats. You can't get up and fix a sandwich in

the middle of the show because you will miss something important. That to me

shows the dedication the writers put in to the substance and quality of

the show. There is no Sci-Fi template they are following. This makes this show

all the more unique. I look forward to every new episode and I hope this series

goes on for a long time.If the quality of the show maintains I don't see why it


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