The stand out exchange during last night's Brothers & Sisters two-hour special? I think Sarah was instructing Kevin's husband Scotty on how to secure a car seat or something. I think

Sarah: You have to dig into the crack.
Scotty: Excuse me?

Did they really?! They did. Oh, Brothers & Sisters, we love it best with a sense of humor. And I don't know if you would agree, but I'm quite happy that no one died last night. Too dark for B&S. Light drama is what they do and it's the reason I watch every Sunday. Besides, Big Love killed one of their own yesterday and that was traumatic enough. How ridiculously good is Big Love right now, by the way? I haven't gotten many BL questions lately, but I hope that doesn't mean you're not watching, because it is phenomenal. My favorite hour of television at the moment.

Shows I am getting regularly questioned about? B&S, How I Met Your Mother, ER and 24

Korbs, what's going to happen with Kitty and Robert on Brothers & Sisters? Tell me we've seen the last of their marital woes. -Jaclyn
Uh, no. Things will get worse from here on out. Much worse. In fact, I'm hearing a custody agreement regarding Evan may have to be worked out before the end of the season, if you know what I mean…

So Holly's really going to take Tommy down? -Cheryl
Yes. Down south. South of the border. Tommy will disappear in the next month or so. Not for good. We'll actually see him again this season. But he'll be MIA for a while.

Ryan has finally arrived in Walker land! I'm glad to see a new face. I remember you saying that him and Justin are not going to like each other. But what about the rest of the family? -Peggy
The reception will be mixed. But the kid will stick around no matter what his half siblings think. I hear he's going to get a job at Ojai, not to mention company shares.

How I Met Your Mother
please!! -Bobby

You know how Ted's hard at work designing Goliath National Bank's new headquarters right now? Um, yeah, that's not happening. Like so many other banks, it seems the economy has hit GNB particularly hard. Plans for the new building have been put on hold indefinitely. But Barney and Marshall don't want to tell Ted. And they won't.

Have you heard about Rory Gilmore on ER?!! -Kate
Yes, according to People, Gilmore Girls' Alexis Bledel will guest as a new intern on the series finale of ER. Great news. Very cool.

Can you tell me who is dying on 24 tonight? -Kevin
Someone who deserves to.

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