Hello, friends. Not a whole lot going on in TV land at the moment, but I thought I’d take a few of your questions and try to make a column out of ’em. When you’re done reading, let me know how I did…

Korbs, I’m in Brothers & Sisters withdrawal. When are we getting the next new episode and what can we expect in 2009?! -Megan
Besides a new baby, a heart condition and felony embezzlement charges? Well, it seems Rebecca and Justin’s relationship will really be on the rocks. There’s a serious rift in store, perhaps spurred by Tommy’s upcoming plan to cut Holly’s control of the family business, which I first reported a couple months ago… Oh, and the next new hour airs January 4th.

Any scoop on my favorite Walker brother, Justin? -Char
Besides dealing with a possible broken heart, the big J will look to broaden his horizons by applying to school in early 2009. Word is, J.W.’s past as an army medic may inspire a future career as a physician… though, for some reason, I so can’t picture that.

I’m really excited about Blair Underwood being nominated for a Golden Globe for In Treatment! It sucks that he can’t come back to the show this year though. Any details on the next batch of episodes? -Pat

Indeed. Though the story for Mr. Underwood’s character has come to an end, we will see more of Alex’s father when In Treatment returns! Glynn Turman — who won an Emmy for his portrayal of Alex Sr. — is currently shooting scenes for the new season.

Korbs, is it true that One Tree Hill‘s Mark Schwahn is going to write the Melrose Place spin off? -Katie
That’s the word, Katie. And it makes perfect sense, in my opinion. When I spoke with Mark last month, he told me that the only positive quote he could find to put on the OTH season one dvd set was something to the effect of, "There hasn’t been a pleasure this guilty since Melrose Place!" I’m quite sure M.S. will knock an 21st Century MP pilot out of the park… However, don’t fret over the future of OTH. A season seven with Schwahn at the helm is pretty much a sure thing.

There is nothing on TV right now!!!!! Sundays are usually my favorite night, but during the holidays I have nothing to look forward to. Help me. -Dennis

Hahaha, you sound so sad. Have you ever sampled an episode of Cold Case on CBS? There’s a brand new hour on this Sunday at 9 and it’s good stuff. And there’s a special tune-in incentive for October Road fans: Pizza Girl (aka Lindy Booth) pops up as a guest star… By the by, I’ve been reading all your requests for an update on the O Road wrap up. Unfortunately, there’s nothing new to report as of right now.

Korbi, what are you most looking forward to watching at mid season? -Robby
Yo, there’s so much coming up. And I just realized it. Damages, Scrubs, Big Love, Lost, 24, Flight of The Conchords — have you caught the premiere at funnyordie.com? — Friday Night Lights for those who didn’t peep it on DirecTV… It’s going to be a good season. Why? What’re you pumped for?

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh