Did "One Tree Hill" actually have a stoner's dog snack on the heart that was supposed to be transplanted into Dan Scott's chest last night? Ha!

In honor of the big D's impending death, shall I quickly answer a few of your questions today?

Korbi, Donald Faison has already signed up to do a new show, so I guess there's really no hope of "Scrubs" coming back for another season, huh? -Paige
Not so! Though Sacred Heart's brown bear is getting ready to play a reserve police officer in ABC's comedy pilot "The Law" and John C. McGinley's casting in the CBS/Skeet Ulrich drama "Back" was announced today, "Scrubs" ain't dunzo yet. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Several sources tell me alphabet net president Steve McPherson just informed "Scrubs" creator Bill Lawrence that he'd be happy to bring the show back for season nine. The only requirement? Zach Braff would have to do a handful of episodes. Seems the eight-year-old show is reeling in a nice young, male demo that doesn't normally watch ABC and that makes McPherson smiley.

Thoughts? If Zach were to make an appearance here and there, most of the old school cast stuck around and a couple of the newbies really stepped up, could a ninth season of "Scrubs" work?

Korbi, Did you know that Adrianna on "90210" broke up with the guy who plays Ty and is now dating Jesse from "Breaking Bad"? -Wendy
I did, yes. Seems Adam Gregory and Jessica Lowndes are over, but she's already rebounded with "Bad"'s Aaron Paul, also known as Sarah's fiance Scott on "Big Love"!

And on the subject of "90210" break ups, you should be aware that one of the show's longest running couples is heading for a split. They've had rocky times before, but will be legitimately done by season two. Any guesses?

Everyone's panties are in a bunch over Edie and Dave and all this murder stuff, but I want to know about Bree and Orson on "Desperate Housewives." I used to love them as a couple, but Orson is not so likeable lately. Will this continue? -P

I'm hearing Bree will soon visit a divorce lawyer. Whether she'll go

through with the proceedings, I don't know, but she's definitely

thinking about it seriously.

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