Today: A super quick Q&A with just a few questions re: ER, Secret Life of the American Teenager and 90210

Korbi, if Carter's not hooked up to a dialysis machine, does he have cancer? Please say no. If they kill him off I will hurt the writers. -Jennifer
I did some further investigating and that was, in fact, a dialysis machine we saw in last week's final ER scene. I'm sorry if I scared you, that was my bad as I was just speculating. Now here is what I've been told: Carter is currently waiting on a kidney transplant, but before the organ arrives, an old friend/mentor/tormentor will turn up. Eriq La Salle will soon reprise his role as Dr. Benton, surfacing right around the time Carter really needs some help.

Of course ER is going to kill Carter. That's what this show does. They kill people. They're sick. -D
I cannot believe they would bring sweet-faced Noah Wyle back just so they can off him. That would really be cruel, a slap in the face to longtime fans.

You haven't talked about Secret Life of the American Teenager in a while. Are you watching? Give me some couples dirt. Will Adrian stick with the celibacy thing? -Carla
Will Adrian stick with the celibacy thing? Um, no. Not for long. And neither will Anne Juergens. Yes, Amy's mom is getting some action. Sort of ironic how her new job working at the hot dog counter really put a smile on her face, huh? I think they call that foreshadowing.

No new 90210 on tonight? -CJ
Weirdly, 90210 won't air a fresh episode for over a month. The show returns March 31st, but I have scoop to tide you over in the meantime: Remember how I told you Naomi's shady older sister Jen will grace Beverly Hills with her presence this Spring? Well, it seems she'll catch the eye of a certain West Bev teacher by the name of Ryan, who doesn't at first realize what a psycho she is…

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh