Today: Friday Night Lights, United States of Tara, Big Love, How I Met Your Mother and a little Amy Poehler Show talk…

Was really good to have Friday Night Lights back last week. What's coming up? -Grace
What's coming up tonight is a fantastic hour of television. I cannot say enough about this series. For those who have never seen FNL or feel like they've missed too much, you need to know that's not true. I beg you to watch this evening's episode, you'll be enamored no doubt. The most moving storyline this week revolves around Smash Williams, a former Panther who is recuperating from a career-threatening injury. Coach Taylor will make you cry, showing what it is to believe in someone else, picking them up and putting them back together when they're down. It's all done with such grace and humor, this is as close as network TV will ever get to perfect programming… Oh, and I almost forgot, for Matt and Julie fans: the fire will begin to slowly burn again tonight.

I looooooooove United States of Tara. Did it do okay ratings-wise? -Jeff
Indeed. Including On Demand viewers, online watchers and traditional couch potatoes, US of T was seen by more than 2.5 million people on its premiere night. That's better than Dexter, Weeds, The Tudors and Californication did for their inaugural bows. And hopefully it'll get even higher numbers this Sunday when Marshall's English teacher, played by Arrested Development's Buster Bluth (Tony Hale), is introduced. The character is kind of a douche, though not for long, as Stepford-like Alter "Alice" will put him in his place quite brilliantly.

Korbs, thanks so much for reminding me about Big Love coming back. I would've missed the premiere if I hadn't seen your post on it. Any scoop? -Candace
Well, Ana's going on a date with Bill… and Barb and Nicki. And yeah, it's weird. We'll also get some quality time with Sarah's 28-year-old boyfriend Scott (Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul), but with him comes some pretty bad news for Bill's oldest. Barb, however, will get some great news to balance things out.

Haven't heard much on How I Met Your Mother lately. Any Barney dirt? Something Robin-related maybe? -Jess
We're going to meet Barney's mommy later this season. And he will put on quite a show for her. As for Robin, she's finally going to land a new job as the anchor of a local morning show… which airs at like 4 a.m.

Korbi, Great job on the Amy Poehler sitcom scoop. I'm really looking forward to it. Can you share anything more? -Marvin
They're currently casting the supporting roles, though we shouldn't expect to see familiar faces. When I asked Amy if she had any former co-workers in mind for the parts, she said the show is looking for newbies. I tried to get her co-star Aziz Ansari to make a few suggestions, but he just looked me in the eye and deadpanned "Vin Diesel." V.D. is quite versatile, can't argue with that…

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh