Can we talk about how good Sunday TV is at the moment? Though Thursdays are worth loving because of "The Office" and "30 Rock," there is such an abundance of riches at the end of the weekend: "Desperate Housewives" and "Brothers & Sisters" — which are consistently entertaining, two solid performers — "Big Love" — which is the best hour on the small screen right now, simple as that — "United States of Tara" — which I'm growing more and more attached to with each new episode — "Eastbound & Down" — which is wickedly funny — and the list goes on. I haven't even gotten to "Family Guy" or "Flight of the Conchords" yet. But "Big Love" ends its season three run next Sunday, so that will put a considerable damper on my happiness. I hope you guys are watching. If not, you're really missing out on greatness…

Anyway, on to your questions. Today: "Gossip Girl," "90210" and "Saving Grace"…

"Gossip Girl" is finally back! It's finally back! Can you tell me, have you seen tonight's episode? Is it worth my overwhelming excitement? -Jill
It is. If you felt like "Gossip" was lacking a bit of luster in its episodes of late, you'll be pleased to know that this evening's hour delivers on several important levels: the wardrobe, the drama and the devilish wit. Granted, there is very little Chuck-Blair time, but the two characters have separate stories to contend with this week. They'll butt heads quite a bit next Monday.

Korbs, How long is Ms. Carr (or should I call her Rachel?) sticking around on "Gossip Girl"? -Maggie
Not long. I think we'll see the last of her tonight.

Anything on "Gossip Girl"? -Johann
Rufus and Lily are making a "past loves" list. Let's just say the former Mrs. Bart Bass has been around the block… like 50 or 60 times more than Mr. Humphrey. And he's a former band member who toured the country on a bus, so you know, that's kinda bad. But instead of just owning it, Lily may decide to cover her tracks.

If Nate and Blair are getting back together, what about Chuck? How will he deal with it? -Remy

By scheming to break them up, obv.

Hey Korbi!  Any new "90210" news?  Will Ethan and Annie be over forever?  He was so cool before stupid Rhonda! -David
Really? I thought Rhonda was good for Ethan. She turned him on to a more introspective side and the kid was in need of some depth, don't you think? But to answer your question, Ethan and Annie will still be together when the show returns in two weeks… although that won't last. And I don't see them reconciling anytime soon. Certainly not this season.

Why has "90210" been off the air for so long? WTF? -Michelle

Because "9-0" started its season almost a month before most fall shows debuted, they had to make up for it by taking a few extra weeks off. Also, because the country's switch to digital was supposed to take place in February, The CW's schedulers tried to avoid that entire month.

You never talk about "Saving Grace." Any scoop? -Karen
Christina Ricci's character is definitely not what she seems. Her cover will be blown tonight and I'm told the whole thing will get ugly. Apparently, there are rats involved. Actual rats.

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh