Today: Couples news on Grey's Anatomy, Privileged, Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl and 90210

I am so sick of waiting for good Cristina/Owen Hunt love. How much longer? -Juliana
There's no sexy time tonight. Hunt's ex — played by All My Children, The 4400 and Dirt's Laura Allen — shows up at Seattle Grace towards the end of the episode, but her arrival does actually force Yang and Hunt closer … physically.

Any Grey's scoop? -Gina
Callie's getting some action tonight. In the bathroom at Joe's Bar.

Is McDreamy proposing to Meredith tonight as all the promos suggest? -Dee


I'm so sick of this Izzie storyline dragging out. Tell me it'll be over soon. -Jeff
Izzie's condition is life threatening and we're going to get that info right quick. I'm not saying she's being killed off, but the storyline will certainly get a push forward over the next couple weeks.

Korbs, I still can't believe Charlie left Privileged on Tuesday, even though you told us about it months ago. Why would they fire Michael Cassidy? -Kat23
Oh, Cassidy wasn't fired. No, in fact, Privileged only has a couple more hours left to air this season, so he's really just missing two eps. If The CW gives the show a second year, I'm sure we'll see him again.

Privileged, pretty please. -Maria
I spy two major breakups in the finale.

My favorite show, Desperate Housewives, has been off the air for a million years. What can you tell me to tide me over until it comes back? -Cate
The Scavos will soon say peace out to the Pizza Parlour and get back into the ad game… though they'll both have a hard time landing positions considering their long absence from the field (not to mention their "advanced" age).

What Wisteria guy is cheating on his wife? I hope it isn't Carlos. They've had enough problems. -Reena
Actually, the extramarital affair may concern a couple we don't really know yet. However, a couple we do know is definitely having some issues. Remember a few weeks back when Andrew's husband-to-be called Bree out for emasculating Orson? Though Orson seemed to take his wife's behavior in a stride, I'm hearing that he's actually just bottling his anger. The Big O will soon channel his frustration over Bree's bitchiness into a bad habit.

Please tell me this Blair and Nate thing won't last. -Karolina
Take comfort, it'll be but a blip in the total Gossip Girl time line.

Anything on 90210? -Missy
Adrianna and Navid are so not over. And the adoption option is still on the table. I'm told Navid will be at Ade's side as she weighs the possibilities and meets with prospective parents.

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh