Read up: I’m fielding questions on How I Met Your Mother, 90210, Supernatural, 30 Rock, Brothers & Sisters, Gossip Girl & Eli Stone

Korbi, you haven’t talked about How I Met Your Mother in awhile. What’s up with that? Aren’t you watching? -Jen
Not true, I gave you Ted-Stella scoop last week! And yes, I was right there with the crew on their search for New York’s best burger. It actually inspired a trip to Hollywood’s In-N-Out. Need more? Now that Marshall is gainfully employed, it won’t be long before the baby-making talks between him and Lily begin.

Spoil me on How I Met Your Mother. Pleeeeeease?! -Maria
Remember last season when future Ted mentioned something about Robin living with 2008 Ted (I believe there was a goat somehow involved)? Well, she is moving in with him sometime in the next couple months. Their situation is platonic, though. And not because she’s with Barney. As far as I can tell, that ain’t happening. Not soon anyway.

I’m sucked into 90210 and need info. I know Naomi and Ethan are back on, but is there still a chance for him and Annie? -Jackie

Actually, if you watched last night’s episode, you now know that Naomi
and Ethan are off again. He won’t go immediately running into the arms
of Annie, but the Homecoming dance is coming up and that could be their
opportunity to rekindle their Summer fling flame.

You probably won’t answer this question, but I’m wondering who the actress that plays Adrianna on 90210 is. She looks really familiar. -Heidi
I’m happy to answer (and prove you wrong!), Heidi. Her name is Jessica Lowndes — not to be confused with Jessica Stroup or Jessica Walter, of course — and you may recognize her from previous stints on Greek and Kyle XY. Or maybe she just really reminds you of Natalie Portman‘s character in Beautiful Girls
(that’s what I think of every time she’s on screen). By the way,
Adrianna’s drug addiction will soon land her a trip to the infamous
Promises treatment center.

I’m dying for something on Supernatural. Anything. You really need to up your coverage of that show! -Missy
We’ll be meeting one of Dean’s demon friends from Hell and I’m hearing he’ll brutally torture Ruby.

Any advanced information on 30 Rock for me? We’ve still got a month before it premieres. -Pat

Jack Donaghy has gotten out of his government job and returns to GE in the season opener, but Devon Banks (Will Arnett) and Don Geiss’ mute daughter are still running the place. No matter, Donaghy is willing to do anything to work there again, including a stint in the mail room and maybe even banging the mute.

Brothers & Sisters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Karolina
There will soon be a man in Saul’s life. Took him 60 years, but Nora’s brother is finally being true to himself.

Gossip Girl!!!!!! Best. Show. Ever. Do you know what’s coming up? -Reena
The Humphrey kids are working hard on their budding careers and won’t let Rufus stand in their way. In fact, Jenny’s defiance on Monday was just a preview of things to come. I’m told J may be legally divorcing her parents. As for Dan, the feud between him and Chuck Bass will continue — especially when Chuck hears Dan is writing an expose on his father for Vanity Fair.

Hey, have I missed the Eli Stone premiere? I really liked that show last season and heard it was coming back. -Mike

Eli Stone returns to the TV schedule on October 14, though the ep on the 21st is the one you must tune in for. Katie Holmes — who first appears to Eli in a vision (yes, he’s still having visions, post-aneurysm surgery)
is guesting — and word is, Eli may have a thing for her. P.S. AliasGina Torres is in the ep, but sadly, she has no scenes with Victor Garber.

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