So, what does everyone think about Hahn’s "replacements"? And how about Shonda Rhimes trying to recapture the magic of Grey’s season two with all this Denny action? Is Izzie seriously getting it on with a ghost? Let’s discuss…

But first, a quickie Q&A to close out the week…

Korbi, thanks for the House scoop! Such great timing. But did you ask Katie Jacobs anything about Cameron and Chase? -Carole

Yes, and it sounds like Ms. Jacobs has been online, keeping up with your commentary, kids. When I asked her how much more we’d be seeing of C & C as the season progresses, she said this: "That’s kind of a trick question, because I know whatever I say,
the fans are going to think that I made it up or I’m lying! And that’s
weird and great at the same time, because they want more of them and I want
more of them. [This week’s] episode was number 7 and we are currently
shooting episode number 13, so I don’t know the way the entire season
is going to unfold or how much you’re going to see of anyone. [Cameron and Chase] are
going to be woven in and I’m always happy — as is David Shore — when
we get to focus on them because I’m really interested in their point of
view. I think it’s kind of a hot topic, because we want to see all
of our cast members, and we can never give enough time and space to
Hugh [Laurie] either! So, it’s an embarrassment of riches! But I hope we’ve been doing a
better job of [folding Cameron and Chase back in] this season."

Hi Korbi, any scoop on the House hostage episode?

Indeed. First, it airs on November 25th and will run long — from 8 to 9:08 — so make sure your DVR is ready. Also, as Thirteen and House are stuck on the inside with the loony man who is demanding a diagnosis, Kutner, Taub, Cameron and Chase will be on the outside, individually weighing in on how they feel about what the cranky doc is doing… Seems House will be testing different risky procedures/treatments out on Thirteen. She volunteers herself because she figures, she’s dying anyway, why not. She’s in a dark place and doesn’t care. However, I’m hearing that by the end of the episode, we’ll see a change in Thirteen. A change for the better.

Is Toby coming back to The Office or what? Holly’s been gone for two weeks now. What the hell?! -Karen

He’ll be back next week. And I’m not just saying that because the name of the ep is "Frame Toby." I know for sure, as I’ve already seen some footage of him back at Dunder-Mifflin. And, by the way, is premiering brand new Office webisodes next Friday, in which the Tobster is featured. The focus, however, is on Oscar and a screaming phone call he makes at work in front of his colleagues.

Entourage! Entourage! -Pat
As I mentioned a couple weeks back, the situation on Vince’s movie set will not improve. After he bows out of the film, he’s got some free time on his hands, and I’m told that the crew from Queens Boulevard will be heading back East for a much needed home visit.

Have you heard anything more about Marco’s boyfriend on Privileged? -Katie

He’s a hair stylist! And they’re having some issues… But check back Monday for more scoop because I’ve had the pleasure of a set visit and have a lot more to share. Also, if you love the show, give them your People’s Choice vote!

Alright friends, enjoy your weekend, I’m out…

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