After yesterday’s Quick TV Fix, my inbox filled with a few questions that I thought I’d give you quick answers for. Enjoy…

Do you know anything about How I Met Your Mother‘s new season? Are Ted and Stella still together? -Katie

Indeed they are. The engagement is on, though I’m told Ted will put Stella through a Star Wars test before he decides to really commit. If she doesn’t get his love for all things Skywalker, she’s out.

Any Robin-Barney scoop? -Des
As Carter Bays told me back in July, Barney clearly has feelings for Robin and that will be explored. Looks as though the Barnana is totally smitten with Ms. Scherbatsky, but she has no idea. She thinks their slate is clean and even tries to wing-woman him on a night out… a night that he’d hoped to tell her how he feels. Still, don’t cry for Swarley. Old habits die hard.

I’m really excited to meet Matt Saracen’s mom on Friday Night Lights, but have you heard anything about her, besides that she left him when he was a kid? -Mike
Yes! Expect Matty’s mom to be a legitimate M.I.L.F. Word is, she got knocked up when she was just 17, so she’s barely 35-years-old. Turns out Matt’s dad was somewhat abusive to her, which is one of the reasons she disappeared. Now being a little older and a bit wiser, she’s looking for a way back into her son’s life, especially when she learns that he’s caring for his grandma all by himself.

Thanks for the DH info…any Carlos scoop?! -Kath
Five years into the future, Carlos will have a massage therapy business, which drives Gaby insane, as he uses their home as his office. I’m told they’re still strapped for cash and will have altered their lifestyle quite a bit. But don’t feel sad for the Big C. I don’t believe he’ll be blind forever.

Korbi, I know you were an avid fan of both Laguna Beach
and then Newport Harbor so I was wondering whether or not you knew
about the show’s status. -Wes

Doesn’t look like there are more installments planned. Right now, MTV is concentrating on the success of Laguna‘s spin off, The Hills, and thinking about developing other projects with the kids on that show.

Anything on Chuck? -Kate
We’ll meet a lucky lady from Bartowski’s past this Fall: his ex-girlfriend, Jill, who’s got a lot going on…

Any more gossip on the Gossip guys and girls? -Shreya
Sounds like Dan and Serena will begin seeing people who are more suited to their specific personalities this season. Word is, Dan’s hanging with a literary-type, while Serena’s spending time with a lacrosse player-type. Still, there are residual feelings between these two which will fester for a while.

Korbi, do you know how Mad Men is doing in the ratings? I can’t seem to find any cable numbers. -Ken
Mad Men drew its largest audience ever last week, for the second season premiere. Sadly, that number dipped significantly this past Sunday. Even with the dip, though, they had more eyeballs than even their highest-rated season one ep. So, as long as they stay steady from now on, they’re on solid ground.

Any Secret Life of The American Teenager scoop? -Jessica
They are breaking ratings records week-after-week. More than 4 million viewers last night, which is huge for ABC Family. There’s a lot more teenage sex to come.

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