Your emails are starting pile up, so I’m gonna knock a few out. Read on for intelligence on The Office‘s newest romance/triangle, Brothers & Sisters‘ new bro and Grey’s Anatomy’s‘ new guy. Plus, the word on whether we’ll see more My Boys and Swingtown. Also, getting some play? Kyle XY, Dexter, Bones, Chuck, House and Entourage. Okay, on with it…

Thanks for the Office romance info. Do you really think Jan’s going to win Michael’s heart? -Caterina
Oh, no. I think new HR lady Holly (Amy Ryan) will win Michael’s heart. I just think Jan will win his wallet and, ultimately, his soul. To the victor go the spoils!

How come no one’s reporting anything on the new Walker sibling, Ryan. -Meesh

Because they’ve just begun the official casting process. An actor friend of mine may be in contention for the role (probably not, he’s not very good… just kidding, love ya, guy!) and this is the character description he was given for Ryan:  "Early 20s, good looking, charming John-John Kennedy type. The All-American golden boy who commands a room by his mere presence and affability. He is a definite alpha male. He is the illegitimate son of William Walker and another woman."  So I guess that makes it official. Ryan’s definitely an actual bastard sib! Still, I’m trying to reconcile this new info with my previous Ry intel (that he’s had a troubled past involving drugs, discipline problems and low self-esteem). Think they’ve altered the character since early July, or could he just be a changed kid?

Yo, Korbi. Is Kevin McKidd definitely going to be on Grey’s? Seems like everyone’s reported that he’ll probably be on Grey’s, but they don’t know for sure. Also, just so you know, I don’t care about that show at all, I just like Kevin McKidd. -P
Good to know, P. And the answer is, yes, Kevin McKidd is definitely playing a new Seattle Grace doctor this season. Executive producer Betsy Beers tells me he’s a headstrong surgeon with a military background. Being set in his ways, he’ll be ruffling a few feathers around the hospital, no doubt.

Korbi, do you know if My Boys coming back? It has to after that awesome cliffhanger! -Neil
I’d bet my right arm without hesitation, Neil. Yes, me sources say My Boys season three is a sure thing.

Great Dexter interview. Any clues on the the two big things you can’t tell us about? -Patrick
One of them has a lot to do with Rita (Julie Benz).

I am a huge fan of Scrubs (thanks for your reports!)
but also of Swingtown, which many media have ignored. There has not been
another show on TV like this and it really needs some exposure and buzz to
convince CBS to order more episodes.
Thanks for your help on
this! -Richard

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but according to the peeps at CBS, it doesn’t look as though there’s much hope for a second season of Swingtown. The situation reminds me of that Luke Perry show Windfall a couple years back. They released it in the Summer and then just sort of forgot about it. Sigh. The good news is that we won’t be left hanging. Executive producer Alan Poul says the season ends on September 5th in a completely satisfying way. There will be a cliffhanger, but you won’t be left feeling incomplete.

(The even better news is that my obsession with Scrubs has finally paid off. I’m scheduled to film my starring role on the series tomorrow!)

I need some Brennan-Booth Bones scoop, please. -Kate
Brennan will be seeing a couple guys when the season opens, though neither of them seriously. Still, Booth will make his jealousy over both situations quite obvious.

When can we look forward to #13 (Olivia Wilde) leaving
She is one boring chic! Thanks!
(Also, any news on Jericho being picked up by another network?) -Amanda 
A bit harsh, but I’ve been told that honesty is always the best policy. Unfortunately for you, Amanda, and all those who agree with you — and there are many, I know — 13 isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Olivia Wilde will stick around Princeton Plainsboro, so we can watch her deal with the whole probable Huntington’s diagnosis. In other news, yes, indeed, Jericho has been picked up by NBC! Um, no it hasn’t…

Aloha Korbi, Kyle XY is usually on in the Summer and then mid-Winter.
But, I didn’t see anything mentioned about Kyle XY in the TV Guide Summer
Preview Issue. Was the Kyle XY return date changed to later due to thr Writer’s
Strike? Gosh! I hope not. -Celeste

Yes, sorry to disappoint, Celeste. My ABC Family friends say Kyle won’t come back till January.

Entourage returns in like two weeks and no one’s talking about it!! What’s the deal? -Mike
True that, Vince and crew come back to HBO with new episodes on September 7th and they will be dealing — among other things — with the dismal reviews for Medellin, Vince’s unwillingness to leave Mexico and relaunch his career, Eric’s need to build his business with new clients, Drama’s TV star (and prima donna) status, Drama’s new girlfriend (who’ll dump him before the month is out, of course) and Ari’s ever-expanding ego, obvs. In case you’re wondering, Leighton Meester‘s guest appearance is scheduled for the second episode and sources say she’s going to blow Vince off and that will drive him insane.

Any Chuck scoop? Or something on Zachary Levi, I love him. -G
Nothing on Zach, but I’ve got Chuck scoop on Captain Awesome. You want to know his real name? Devon Woodcomb. Yep. Dr. Devon Woodcomb. And his parents — both doctors as well — go by Woody and Honey Woodcomb. Mhmm…

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