“If you can get just one more dancer off those poles, you’re doin’ the right thing.” Ah, the sincerely spoken words of insane housewife of Orange County, Vicki Gunvalson. Who else is sucked in? Listen, I’m not proud of the fact that I wasted an hour of my day watching last night’s Real Housewives, but the huge laugh I got from this particular line — delivered without even a hint of self awareness — makes my shame really sort of worth it… Shall we talk about more guilt-inducing TV? On tap: A few of your questions regarding Grey’s Anatomy, 90210 and Privileged. Also, United States of Tara and Desperate Housewives.

Can you confirm this story? TR Knight and Katherine Heigl leaving Grey’s? Thanks! -Kim
Oh, yes, this was the talk of the TV world yesterday, wasn’t it? Well, of course, I reported on TR asking to be let out of his contract a couple months ago. And we all know Katherine fancies herself a huge film star and therefore too big for GA. So, is it true what James Pickens told US Weekly? Yeah. The papers have yet to be signed, but the lawyers have been called and are hard at work… And for those still wondering whether or not Izzie’s test results were switched: Mhmmmm. No, she’s not just anemic. Now that doesn’t mean she’s definitely dying, but her diagnosis is sure to make that rigorous Seattle Grace schedule somewhat impossible to keep up.

Hey Korbi, Thanks for letting us know Adrianna and Navid would get back together. I love them as a couple! Any more 90210 news? -Kelley
I don’t know if the 9-0 writers have been watching too much Secret Life of the American Teenager — or maybe they’re partial to Engaged & Underage — but one of their young twosomes will be betrothed before the end of the season… while another couple we love will get to work on an internet sex video.

Breaking up?! Please tell me the fate of all the Privileged couples. I need to know! -Nat
All I can say is that one of the newly single girls will sleep with someone new before the end of February 24th’s finale. 

Did you think Lynette was particularly bitchy on last week’s Desperate Housewives? -Jenna
You know, Lynette is a bitch far more often than she seems to get credit for, but yes, she was out of control on Sunday. I felt sorry for Bree. She was gracious enough to give Lynette that $20,000 check without strings. She filled Lynette’s usually empty restaurant with a huge crowd of people. And when Lynette went and put Bree’s name on a sub par product without permission, she remedied the situation without calling any attention to the transgression. And what does she get for it? An ungrateful friend who throws it all back in her face. An ungrateful friend who is green with envy over her career and financial success… Unfortunately, Lynette doesn’t seem to be the only person in Bree’s life with this issue. I’m hearing Orson will try to get her to sell the catering business before season’s end.

United States of Tara, please. -P
Neither Tara — nor Buck, nor Alice, nor any of the alters — defiled the mural in the self-satisfied, yuppie’s condo. Nope. There’s something else going on here. Guesses?

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