Lorelai Gilmore (aka Lauren Graham) is giving her regards to Broadway, boys and girls. She just landed the female lead in the upcoming revival of Guys and Dolls, opposite Oliver Platt of Huff, West Wing and Nip/Tuck fame. Performances begin February 3rd… anyone wanna fly me out to New York for Valentine’s Day?

In honor of LG’s good news, let’s knock out another Q&A today. I’ve got scoop on 90210, Grey’s, Entourage, House and The Office

When’s Shannen Doherty going to be back on 90210? -Contessa

November sweeps, of course. So hang tight, we should see her again before the end of next month. Word is, Brenda and Kelly team up to help Adrianna through her recovery process. Seems A will make great progress just as Bren is given some seriously bad news.

Korbi, I never would’ve seen an Adrianna-Navid hook up coming, but you were right! They seem to be heading in that direction. Any more 90210 couples scoop? What about Dixon and Silver? They are so cute together, but it’s too good to be true. How long before they break up? -D

I don’t know anything about a break up, but I am hearing that we’ll soon meet a girl by the name of Christina who may drive a bit of a wedge between D & S… As for Navid and Adrianna, high fives all around. How do you feel about their chemistry?

What can I look forward to on Grey’s Anatomy this week? -Gina

Cristina will freak out over the return of Owen Hunt (aka Kevin McKidd), and though producers are keeping mum on whether or not KM’s sticking around, I’m told his presence is a done deal. We should get to know the military doc pretty well this season.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Michelle

Are you down with Alex and Izzie? Last week’s kiss was merely a preview of things to come. Though Alex will continue to act as if he doesn’t care, I’m hearing his heart is actually all-in.

Korbi, you haven’t talked much about Entourage lately. Are you watching? How good was Sunday’s episode? Ari is staying at Miller-Gold and Vince is finally back on track! -Rob
Not for long, my friend. After all the b.s that went into landing the role, Vince will get fired from JamielynnsiglerSmoke Jumpers. He’ll soon be back to begging for meetings with big directors and studio heads… By the way, how’d you like Jamie-Lynn Sigler‘s guest appearance? Word is, Turtle still has a shot with her and will definitely capitalize on it. You know that she and Jerry Ferrara are dating in real life, right?

Anything on House? -Amy

How about the promise of more
Huddy to come. Who wants to talk about last night’s final moments in
the comments section besides me? The good doc is not ring shopping, but he’s definitely more invested than he’d like to admit.

Please tell me Amy Ryan isn’t leaving The Office. She and Michael are too adorable together! -Jeanette

Sadly, Ms. Ryan has a big movie career to get back to. But, mark my words, though Holly will soon walk out of Dunder-Mifflin, we have not seen the last of her.

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