Who's watching Flight of the Conchords? Did you see Murray and Jim Gaffigan giving Jemaine "a taste of his own dick medicine" last night? Ha. A good evening of TV. But today, we chat on Lost, Bones and Heroes

Lost, please. -Patricia
Did you know someone's dying this Wednesday? Yes, apparently Lost is losing one more right quick. The ABC announcer man even mentioned it during yesterday's Lakers game, saying, "For the island castaways, their destiny demands sacrifice, and this week, someone will not survive." Uhhh, Charlotte? No, too much history with the Island, I think. So, who?

Is it true that Stephen Fry is returning to Bones as Gordon Gordon Wyatt? -Kate
It is. Booth and Brennan's first therapist will come back, though he's contemplating a permanent leave of absence from psychiatry. He and Sweets will team up to help B&B solve a case, during which, we'll learn some shocking things about Sweets' past. Seems his pre-adoption life was more tragic than we were first led to believe.

So I'm hearing Ali Larter wants to leave Heroes? -JJ
That's the rumor. But she's under contract.

Any thoughts?

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh