My inbox is flooding, so let’s take care of a few Qs…

Korbi, did you watch 90210? Is Adrianna going to die? I’m assuming her death is the reason she was excluded from all the show promos and the opening credits. -Kat
So you’re basically saying you think Adrianna is the Scott Scanlon of 90210-2.0? Actually, not so. Adrianna will survive her O.D., go to rehab and live to see another West Bev day. In fact, I hear she’s got a new post-Promises love interest looming: Navid!

Hey Korbi, Any word on whether Jennie Garth will return to the new 90210? Jennie’s the main reason I watch this show so I hope she comes back. -Rachel
Don’t fret, I do believe we’ll see more of Jennie Garth. But I’m told that while she’s away, Silver will throw a wild party at her house: a party that involves cops, noise violations and Annie vomiting… And speaking of Annie, it won’t be long before she and Ethan are making out in public — which could be an issue when her Kansas boyfriend comes to visit! — Good thing Naomi will be available to entertain him…

Do you like the new 90210? Any inside info? -Keesh
Yes and yes: We’ll be meeting Harry and Tracy’s illegitimate son next month. His name is Sean and he’s technically an orphan, as his adoptive parents passed away after a recent car accident. I’m hearing Annie and Dixon sort of freak when they find out their dad’s got another kid (but he’s supposedly really nice)… and I’m hearing Harry will freak when a rumor regarding Mr. Ryan Matthews and new student/undercover cop Kimberly begins to circulate.

I’m dying for new Scrubs spoilers. What else can you tell us about the upcoming season? -Emily

Let’s just say J.D.’s final episode may or may not end with Eliott in a wedding dress.

30 Rock! 30 Rock! 30 Rock! -Bill
The first episode back isn’t their best work, but still funny. Oprah‘s episode, which airs the week after that btw, is stupendous. So many laughs. Some scoop on what goes down? Lemon and O may or may not be sitting next to each other on a plane…

Hey Korbi, have anything on Dirty Sexy Money? Is Karen going to ditch Simon for Nick? -Kel
Simon is a scum bag and we will see more and more of that as the season goes on. He’s not to be trusted. And on the subject of trust, rumor has it Nick and Lisa’s lack of it will lead to a separation later this year. That, and the fact that he’s still into Karen!

Korbs, thanks for the So You Think You Can Dance scoop. I’m going to try to scalp tickets! Did you ever find out what big project Kherington’s got in the works? I can’t believe she wouldn’t share it with you. -Kate

Kherington’s been cast as Alice in the new Fame film, alongside Sarah Connor‘s Thomas Dekker.

Korbi, you’re the go-to gal for this sort of thing, hoping you’ll be able to help. Just heard a rumor that Francis Capra has been cast on Sons of Anarchy. Are you able to confirm that my favourite actor has just got a part on my favourite new TV show?!! -Laiq

Laiq, thanks for the inquiry I checked it out and the rumor is indeed correct. My FX friends confirm that Francis Capra of Veronica Mars and Heroes fame will appear in the October 22 episode of SOA. However, I’m hearing he only has one line!

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