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Hey Korbi, I really appreciate your Privileged stuff. Thanks for watching the show and giving me an extra fix. I’m a big Will-Megan fan. What should we call them? Mill? Wegan? What’s coming up for them? -Ali
I think Mill or Wegan works. But if there’s a better suggestion, comment it… What’s coming up? Well, let’s see, I’m hearing rumors of sister Lily’s return, and word is, she and Will will be locking lips. Yeah. Megan won’t take it so well.

I am so happy that Charlie isn’t all up in Megan’s grill anymore. They’re way better as friends. Any Will scoop? -Heath

We’ll be meeting Will’s very wealthy parents in a couple weeks and they seem super cool and completely supportive of Megan’s relationship with their son.

Is it true that Ephram from Everwood is going to be on Eli Stone? -K

Indeed. Gregory Smith is scheduled to guest on the show’s 13th (and likely last) episode, though it’s unclear when that will air. But don’t be surprised if Smith shows up on another current series as well. Greg Berlanti isn’t the only E.P. with a show on the schedule who has worked with G.S. before. Rina Mimoun, who took the Everwood reins from Berlanti when he went off to start his TV empire, is still in close touch with Gregory Smith. She told me she’d already picked a part on Privileged for him, but he’s holding out for a larger role.

Hey, thanks for the One Tree Hill interview with Mark Schwahn. Can you tell me if we’ll be getting more Skills/Jamie time soon? -Dori

I don’t think we’re going to get a lot of quality Skills time in the near future. Mark actually mentioned that this is not a heavy Skills or Deb period. However, Jamie continues to be a focal point and we’ll definitely be seeing a lot of him… and his teacher. Rumor has it, he’ll develop a crush on the special lady, and even bring her home to meet grandpa Dan.

Is the Ravens movie really going to happen on One Tree Hill? -Grace
Looks that way. I hear casting for "teenage Lucas," "teenage Brooke," "teenage Peyton," etc. will get underway in January.

Hi Korbi! So how much longer are we going to have to put up with Aaron Rose on Gossip Girl? Is he here to stay? I really hope the answer is NO! Thanks! -Tab

Haha, I’m hearing he is not here to stay. Serena can’t stick to the teetotaling, goody-two-shoes act for too long.

More House scoopage Please???? Thank you!!! -Amanda

My women’s intuition tells me Cuddy might get to be a mommy sooner rather than later… Thoughts?

Alright, friends, I’m out. But don’t forget to watch 30 Rock after The Office tonight. It’s Lemon’s high school reunion and her and Jack end up playing spin the bottle…

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