Reaper returns tonight and you should watch. This second season premiere is a stand out episode. Mostly because Sock is in top form. To whet your appetite today, a few pieces of info. Plus, America's Next Top Model, 90210
and How I Met Your Mother.

I can't believe Reaper is back! How long has it been? I thought it was canceled for sure. -Jennie
It's been more than nine months — need a quick refresher course? — but Sam, Sock and Ben have been on an extended vacation for the last four weeks or so. We'll join them tonight at the tail end of their road trip and watch Sam return to a seriously pissed off Andi, who figured Sam was dead when he went MIA with boys.

I heard Sock has a new step sister who he's in love with. Does he have a chance? -Karina
She seems super excited by the idea of having a big brother, but I wouldn't count Sock out of the game just yet.

Any Reaper spoilers? -P
I guess Sam being the Devil's son isn't so special after all. Apparently, the big D has sown his seed all over this great universe. In fact, he says his spawn is spread out across the planet. Unfortunately, he feels most of his progeny are major disappointments. Especially in the take over the world, turn everyone evil department.

When does America's Next Top Model start? -Svea
Tomorrow. March 4th. Have you seen the promos? They've been spotlighting the 9/11 conspiracy theory contestant, but it's all just to generate buzz. Conspiracy chick doesn't even make it on to the show.

Any ANTM scoop? -Daniel

90210 fans will laugh when they see Erin Silver's doppelganger on this new ANTM cycle. There's a model wannabe who not only looks like Jessica Stroup, but sports the signature Silver style. She's also a street preacher who spreads the good word of God to all those who'll listen… But hey, I've actually heard that Silver may soon leave West Bev and start attending Catholic school.

Korbi, who is getting engaged on 90210? It's Adrianna and Navid, I know it. When's the wedding? -Manda
Ade and Navid aren't really ready — shocking, I know — I think they'll end up calling this plan off sometime before the end of the season.

Thanks for the How I Met Your Mother scoop! -Bobby

My pleasure. More? Ted may just be quitting his current job and starting his own architecture firm. Tentative name? Mosbius Designs.

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh