I'm going to lose my mind because of Monday nights. Too much TV scheduled, one show on top of an another on top of another. I did, however, manage to keep up with most of it yesterday evening and will reveal a bit of pregnancy-themed intel regarding a few of those series — "Secret Life of the American Teenager," "One Tree Hill," "How I Met Your Mother" and we'll throw in some "90210" for good measure — right now. 

By the way, did you spot Bethenny — the best Real Housewife of New York City — in the "Dancing With The Stars" audience?

I can't believe Amy is finally having her baby on "Secret Life." Is she really going to keep it? -Megan
She is. And Ben will continue to support her. And Ricky will stay involved. And next year, we'll have another pregnancy to watch. As you may have heard, Molly Ringwald's real life bun-in-the-oven will be written into the show as Anne Juergens getting knocked up. But Anne isn't the only nice girl set to get some action. Word is, Grace Bowman's virginity may be a thing of the past come season two.

Is Adrianna on "90210" going to have her baby anytime soon? -P
I'm hearing she'll go into labor on prom night and deliver a healthy baby girl in the finale. And in case you were wondering, yes, we will see baby daddy Ty (Adam Gregory) back before said delivery. In fact, I do believe he could be stirring up some trouble the night of the big dance.

I thought for sure Peyton was going to lose her baby last night on "One Tree Hill." I don't like this high risk pregnancy road they're going down. Is Peyton going to die? -Dara
I don't believe there are any plans to kill Peyton off. However, never say never as Hilarie Burton has still not signed on for next season, though The CW insists negotiations are ongoing… oh, how funny was Jamie delivering that "I'd rather watch 'Gossip Girl,' it's so bad for me" line last night?

Korbs, I just read that after hiding Alyson Hannigan's pregnancy all season, "How I Met Your Mother" might have Lily get knocked up before the end of the year. Is there any truth to this? -Justine
I am hearing rumors about a pregnancy being written into "How I Met Your Mother," but I don't know if the on-screen baby will necessarily be Marshall and Lily's…

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh