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Hey Korbi, You haven’t said much about Supernatural lately. Any scoop on my boy Sam? -Melissa

Sam might have slept with Ruby while Dean was in Hell, but that doesn’t
mean she’s the only potential love interest for him. I’m told the younger Winchester will soon meet a doctor with whom he hits it off. And by hit it off, I mean
they get nekkid.

Any info on the upcoming Supernatural brawl between Sam and Dean? -Katee

This big Dean vs. Sam fight is being made out to be more than it is. While the brothers will physically attack each other, the circumstances they’re in will explain the violence. In other words, I’m hearing the boys aren’t exactly acting of their own free will.

Korbi, Is it true Matthew Perry will be on Scrubs this season? -missy

While I’ve heard that my old pals at E! Online are reporting that there will be a Matthew Perry appearance in the upcoming eighth year, I checked with my Sacred Heart sources and they are saying it ain’t so. Not sure how or why the rumor got started.

Anything on my favorite TV couple, Booth and Brennan? -MK

Seems the Bones duo will be stopping by a strip club and getting a lap dance later this season. Could this be part of Brennan’s new effort to be more human? I’m hearing the brilliant scientist is interested in learning how to better connect with people. Apparently, she’ll enlist the help of Sweets to accomplish her goal.

How good was Zeljko Ivanek on House last week? I’m sad he won’t be on the new season of Damages! Why did Ray Fiske have to go and kill himself?! -Mike

I feel your pain re: Fiske. I really dug that creepy, Southern accent he rocked… But at least Ivanek got an Emmy out of the whole deal. Oh, also, he won’t be completely absent from season two of Damages. In fact, Fiske appears in the January 7th season premiere, when Patty has a flashback to his suicide, and then begins talking to his ghost/vision. It sounds a lot hokier than it is, trust.

Hey Korbs, Give me the scoop on Privileged. What’s coming up for Megan and Will now that he’s not going away? -Sarah
They’ll continue to have some issues. Seems Megan still thinks he’s not completely committed to her… and her mother (whom we’re meeting next week) will echo the sentiment. To make matters worse, Megan may be losing her main confidante, Charlie. Not only does his new live-in lady friend disapprove of their co-ed relationship, but word is, the big C wants to go back to school… in San Diego!

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