So, the Oscars… it was a nice show, sure. But a little boring, right? Besides Ben Stiller's Joaquin Phoenix tribute — which he was largely just silent for — and the Tina FeySteve Martin team up, where was the funny? I mean, I know Hugh Jackman isn't a comedian, but even with five horribly unprepared reality show hosts helming last year's Emmys, we had Jeremy Piven picking up the slack by calling them out on it, we had Amy Poehler displaying her uncanny knack for foreign languages, we had Ricky Gervais delivering a genius bit during which he killed on stage and then went into the crowd to confront Steve Carell. Let's just call it now, TV stars are far more entertaining than film stars.

And since we're on the subject of entertaining TV stars and Steve Carell, I think I'll answer a couple questions concerning him and his impending Office storyline today. I'll also address inquiries regarding Brothers & Sisters, ER and Desperate Housewives

Yup, the Office producers and writers are stupid. They're going to reduce

Michael to cameos and Steve Carell can go do movies. It's just a

plot change, that's all, no one should panic except the writer of this

article who wants us to do just that. -Jack
Alright, calm down. Not interested in anyone panicking. The Office's producers and writers are far from stupid. And Steve Carell is not leaving the show to go do movies.

Think you could give us an additional hint on who the other character

is that's leaving? At least, since you say "pretty major" and not

"major," it's not Jim, Pam or Dwight, is it? -Ellen
Did I say "pretty major"? Hmm. I think by "pretty major" I might've meant "major"… And that's all I will say on the subject. Ever. Er, until it airs.

ER Questions. Please help me! Is Carter going to die? -Francis
I can't answer that, come on!

What is going on with my dear sweet Carter on ER?! I freaked out when I saw him hooked up to that thing. Thank God my sister told me it was just a dialysis machine. Does this mean he has kidney failure? -Katie
This doesn't mean he has kidney failure. I mean, he might. But that was not necessarily a dialysis machine. There are a couple other possibilities that would explain what we saw in Thursday's final scene, both much more serious. But don't freak out just yet. UPDATE: It was dialysis and Carter's def waiting on a transplant.

Korbs, thanks for answering my question on Brothers & Sisters'

upcoming death. So, am I understanding you right that no one's dying

even though I've seen like four promos saying there will be "A DEATH"?


You are understanding me right.

So people are saying that Nicollette Sheridan is leaving Desperate Housewives, but ABC is just saying that Edie Britt will leave Wisteria Lane, so I'm thinking this is all a hoax. -Bel
From what I understand Nicollette is exiting the show. I've been told that her character Edie Britt will die in a car accident during this season's 18th or 19th episode. In fact, longtime fans will remember that Edie has a son whom we met in year 3, and the Wisteria Lane ladies will be the ones to break the news of his mother's death to him. With the series' jump forward, he's about 15 years old now.

Questions for me?

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