It’s Monday… and I’m just as unhappy about this as you are. A little TV Q&A to get us through?…

Jim and Pam are engaged!!! Finally. Shotgun Office wedding in the works? -Carrie
Um, no. We’ve got another long wait ahead of us. When this week’s episode opens, Jim hasn’t even shared the big news with his Dunder-Mifflin co-workers yet… though Pam does persuade him to do so. Still, things will move at a slow pace. I’m hearing we won’t even see Ms. Beesly in this Thursday’s half hour. Instead, Jim spends the ep quite productively, practicing his greatest skill: torturing Dwight K. Schrute.

Since The Office is my favorite show, can you please give me a hint on what Meredith’s ethical misconduct might be? -John
Meredith’s ethical misconduct includes sex, lies and… steak.

I know a lot of Brothers & Sisters fans were upset about the Justin-Rebecca relationship, but I hope they’ve gotten over it. I think they’re good together. I just hope the producers don’t break them up right when everyone’s starting to accept them. -Michelle
Justin and Rebecca are still together in the episode that’s currently shooting, so I wouldn’t worry too much. Not to say they won’t be having problems. Dexter fans, you remember how our guy met that witch Lila last season? Well, Justin will be frequenting AA/NA meetings this year too, and it seems there’s a hot (and manipulative) recovering addict who’s got her eye on J Walk.

Thanks for the How I Met Your Mother scoop, Korbi. Any info on how Ted and Stella will end it? -J

I’m hearing Mr. Mosby will suffer a major heartbreak at the hands of S.

Hi Korbi, Will Max be staying with Casey, and on Greek for a while?  Love him and the new storyline/love interest. -saw117
Yes, indeed, Michael Rady — who plays Max (and who played Kostas in The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants, too) — is sticking around. In fact, when sorority rush rolls around next year, ZBZ will be rocking a Traveling Pants theme and the Kostas character gets a cute shout out… But be prepared for someone else in Casey’s life to finally say sayonara. Seems a faction of sisters will be seceding from the sorority and the Pied Piper role will be played by Frannie, of course.

Thank you so much for your So You Think You Can Dance scoop . It was a great article and the best reporting I’ve seen on the show in awhile. Any chance you’ve got more info on Jessica’s condition?  -Barrett
Flattery always works with me, Barrett. What can I tell you? Jess says she’s still sore around the rib area, but the doctors cleared her to dance, so she’s doing it. No surprise, since she was dancing while injured during the competition. Apparently, she started feeling pain the week she did Mandy Moore‘s lyrical and continued through the next week of rehearsals, doing both the Quick Step and Adam & Eve with broken ribs! …By the way, the third season auditions for America’s Best Dance Crew are coming up and there’s a good possibility of Dominic and Hok‘s crew coming out for ’em. The SYTYCD season three finalists have been planning to for some time.

Hi, I just saw this message and I have to tell you, it really sucks. According to Todd Stashwick (Dale on The Riches), one of the best shows on tele was cancelled. -Pat
Yes, it’s true. I’m hearing FX has crossed The Riches off their list of current programming to make room for new endeavors… one of which is Testees, which premieres this Thursday after It’s Always Sunny and is really kind of hilarious. Definitely worth checking out, might cheer you up…

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