Today, a very quick Q&A. Your questions on United States of Tara, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and America's Best Dance Crew

Anything on United States of Tara? I'm starting to love it. -Tanya

Tara's therapist will abandon her before the season ends, which could throw our girl for a loop.

I love Patton Oswalt on United States of Tara! Is this thing with him and Tara's sister serious?!! -Jel
I don't think so. We'll be seeing Charmaine with another guy within the next month or so. Someone she likes enough to bring to her sister's house.

Hey Korbs, So how bout his Brittany Snow-Gossip spin off thing. Is it really happening? -Theresa
It's really happening. Brittany Snow has been cast as young Lily, the lead in the Gossip Girl spin off.

Hi Korbi, Thanks for the great updates and spoilers. Can I ask for some more scoop on The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother? -zekat
Regarding BBT, the boys will get a new neighbor soon. I hear she's a lovely-looking young lady who gets all the guys under her spell. She's a bit manipulative, so I don't think she'll stick around long, but definitely long enough to make Penny very jealous, which I look forward to seeing… As for HIMYM, seems Marshall will start coaching a youth basketball team, possibly at Lily's school.

How I Met Your Mother
, please!! -Robby
How about a first look at Laura Prepon as Ted's horrible college girlfriend, courtesy of my friends at

Korbi, Are you watching America's Best Dance Crew? You must be!! -Jennifer
Indeed, I am. The finale is next week and I'm so torn. This competition has been between Quest Crew and Beat Freaks since episode one. And though I've been a die hard D-Trix fan since his So You Think You Can Dance days, it is hard to root against Beat Freaks. To see a group of ladies with that level of skill and talent is so incredibly cool. Love them both. You?

By the way, if you're into ABDC, you must tune into MTV this Saturday at 11 p.m. They're airing the Red Bull B-Boy Competition, which I just happen to have a few sneak peeks of, and it's killer. See for yourself…

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