Oh, ABC promo team, why must you torture us? Saying someone will die on Brothers & Sisters, then leaving us to wonder who for two long weeks? And NBC, can we talk about Friday Night Lights? Are we getting a fourth season? Today, I answer your reader questions regarding these topics, as well as queries on Lost, Scrubs, My Boys and The Bachelor

Korbi, Who is dying on Brothers & Sisters? It's obviously Tommy because of all the rumors about Balthazar Getty leaving. Please confirm. -Jackie
None of the Walker kids are getting killed off. Balthazar is expected to bid Brothers & Sisters adieu for a bit, but it's far more likely that we'll see him on the lam than losing his life.

Is Rob Lowe leaving Brothers & Sisters? -Dee
Nope. As you may have heard, he will be suffering a heart attack very soon. But his storyline, as well as his run for California governor (and no, people, we are not getting a Schwarzenegger guest appearance… the guy's got a financial crisis to contend with) will continue on.

Are Kitty and Robert going to lose the new baby? Please say no! -Jeff

Can you tell me who's dying on Brothers & Sisters? -B
Talk to the promo peeps. No one that I know of.

Friday Night Lights is so freakin good right now. I'm loving every minute of it. What's the word on another season after this? -Aimee
It breaks my heart to say it, but things are not looking good right now. I cannot for the life of me understand why this show isn't the highest rated hour on television, but I will tell you that NBC was not happy with last week's numbers. I don't know, from a story telling point of view, perhaps it's for the best, since Matt, Riggs, Tyra and Lyla are all graduating at the end of this season.

Lost!!! Last night was awesome. Easter egg for you: Sixth episode of the season, the Oceanic 6 make it back to the Island. One question. Where is Desmond? Will we see him again soon? -Chaz
Faraday's mommy wasn't lying. The Island is not done with Des. Question for you… Think Ben successfully tied up the loose end that got him all bloody pre-plane flight? I'll only say this: We haven't seen the last of Penny either.

A while back you said Bill Lawrence had informed you Lee Thompson Young would be joining Scrubs this season as Turk's protege. At this point we're pretty far into the season and no Young, what's the deal? -Wesley
Patience, my friend. I speak the truth. You will see Lee Thompson Young later this season and he and Turk (Donald Faison) will turn out some fine scenes together. 

So excited My Boys is back in March! But I'm so worried about P.J. and Bobby's relationship being ruined by her pre wedding objection. What's going to happen? -Kellie
Don't be worried. P.J. and Bobby will be just fine. I'm currently planning a big My Boys item, so come back for that.

Korbs, have you heard these rumors about Bachelor Jason that spoil the show's finale and after the fact twist? -Megan
I have and it looks like they are not without some merit…

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