Why not start the week with another quickie Q&A? I’ve got Office scoop and some info on ER and Bones as well…

The guy from Mad Men is trying to steal Pam! What’s going to happen? Will she decide to stay in New York? -Maria
All I can tell you is that Pam has a lot of thinking to do and will most likely make up her mind this week.

Any Office gossip for me? -Matt
Remember how Ryan was sort of fawning over Kelly and her Carrie Bradshaw Halloween costume? Well, I’m hearing the former hot shot has a few more moves up his sleeve…

Will Michael still be crying over Holly on The Office this week? -Jenna
A Dunder-Mifflin business trip to Winnepeg, Canada may act as a nice distraction for M.S. I’m told he’s heading north with Andy and Oscar in tow this Thursday. Word is, we’ll be getting some good French Canadian jokes out of the whole deal.

Dr. Greene returns to the ER this week!! -Bill

Indeed, and the Anthony Edwards-filled episode is nothing short of heartbreaking. I cried through most of it. As I first reported back in early September, Dr. Banfield (Angela Bassett) and her husband are dealing with tragic death of their child, and Thursday’s hour will feature flashbacks of the day he passed away in Trauma One at County General. Dr. Greene was the physician on the case and we’ll see him powering through it, though he’s supposed to be undergoing a chemo treatment at the time.

Gates and Sam are moving in together?! Any idea how that’s gonna go? -P
Seems the Gates-Taggart merger is going swimmingly so far. The words "never been happier" may even be whispered this week… By the way, we have not seen the end of that Iraq war vet whom Gates found on the street last Thursday. That drama is going to be drawn out over several eps.

Thanks for the Bones scoop! Got more? -Michelle

I’m hearing that early next year, Brennan and Sweets will be run off the road while
investigating the death of a young woman who was in possession of a
valuable movie prop. And for those hoping that Booth will be the one administering a little TLC to Brennan post-accident, don’t hold your breath. It seems that Booth will be mostly MIA in this hour, and Agent Payton
Perotta (Marisa Coughlin) will be the one taking his place as Brennan’s partner. This has me thinking that Coughlin’s sticking around for more than the one ep we were originally told about…

Thoughts? Think there might be a bit of tension/competition for Booth’s affection between Perotta and Bones?

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh