Huge news: “Project Runway” will finally return to us, my friends! But can we talk about two other reality shows before I knock out a few of your questions?

I just want to say that that dude Adam on “American Idol” can sing anything. I’ve never bought a single “Idol” album, but I think I’d be into whatever he does. He’s going to win, no? It’s like plain as day at this point. If every “AI” contestant were as creative, talented and comfortable on stage as that kid, I would have to stop making fun of the show.

Also, Kelly Bensimon made a fool of herself last night on “The Real Housewives of New York City,” am I right? “I’m up here and you’re down here”? I thought Bethenny handled the confrontation pretty well while Kelly spun out of control. She feels sorry for Bethenny? Bethenny has no effect on her whatsoever? Then why was she acting like a belligerent fool, rambling on about the whole situation for most of the hour?

Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest. Oh, and please don’t forget to watch the finales of “Life on Mars” and “Damages” tonight… two unsung TV heroes.

Now, “90210,” “Greek,” “The Office” and “Desperate Housewives,” plus news on “Pushing Daisies”‘ lost episodes, “Privileged,” “Reaper” and a “30 Rock” treat… 

So I watched “90210” last night, I thought it was alright. When will Dustin Milligan’s last episode be? -Erin
Dustin will at least stick around till the show breaks for summer. When I spoke with him on set a couple weeks ago, he was filming the second to last hour of the season (prom night, he was all monkey-suited up). He told me that next Tuesday’s episode — which Jason Priestley directed — picks up right where last night left off with Ethan and Annie breaking up on that make out cliff or whatever you want to call it. Apparently it’s going to be a crazy dramatic hour that takes place after dark as Silver continues to melt down and everyone goes in search of her. Oh, and p.s., Jackie Taylor (Ann Gillespie) is back.

Hey Korbi, is it true that Ethan starts to fall for Silver by the season finale? -Anonymous

That’s what I’m hearing. I guess he’s going to develop quite a thing for her before he goes and his feelings are not lost on Dixon.

“Greek” is awesome! So glad it’s back. Can you tell me which house Jesse McCartney’s character is going to choose? -KJ

Seems the hardworking football recruit has a laid back, beer guzzling, breakfast-on-a-stick eating side to him that’s just itching to come out.

Well now that Michael and Pam quit on “The Office,” I’d love to hear how they can make a return! Got any scoop? -L.E.A.
Not just yet. But I have a feeling they may be crossing paths with another former Dunder-Mifflin employee, Ms. Jan Levinson. Melora Hardin twittered (tweeted?) on Friday that Jan will be back on “The Office” for sure.

Korbs, What do you know about this new character that’s joining “Desperate Housewives”? Gaby’s neice? -Kat
I’m hearing that her name is Ana, she’s 16-years-old and she’ll move in with Gaby and Carlos after Carlos’ aunt is unable to take care of her any longer. I also hear she’s a lot like Gabs was as a teenager… sexy, sneaky and pretty disrespectful. Should be quite interesting.

Can you please find out for some of the fans of “Dirty Sexy Money” & “Pushing Daisies” if they are going to show the temaining

episodes left from each series. It would be greatly

appreciated. -Darla
Though there’s no word yet on “DSM,” “Pushing Daisies”‘ full 13-episode second season will be released on DVD July 21st. Can I get an Amen?

I’m really loving “Reaper” right now. What are the chances of a third season? -Kristina
Slim to none. I’m sorry. There’s no official decision yet, but all signs point to hell (no). Seems The CW is really focusing on their new development (“Melrose,” The “Gossip Girl” spin off) at the moment. Not sure what that means for “Privileged.” I know show runner Rina Mimoun and the show’s stars are keeping their fingers crossed, hoping to hear positive news come next month. A good omen did just come their way though. Planned Parenthood has honored “Privileged” with a Maggie Award for the episode “All

About The Power Position.” Rina told me the uber-exciting thing was that she and Joanna Garcia flew to Houston this past Friday to accept it along with Hillary Clinton. How cool is that?

Korbi, You haven’t talked much about your favorite show “30 Rock” lately. What’s up? -Ron
What’s up? What’s up is this, ok face…

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