Ah, freshly found fame. There is nothing rising young stars enjoy more than getting awards and being recognized by their fans. And getting free designer sunglasses that make it appear that they’re trying NOT to be recognized. Here are "Exciting New Vocalist" winner Katharine McPhee and "Exciting New Face" winner ("Desperate Housewives" hunk and  Paris Hilton’s newest boytoy) Josh Henderson trying on their (FREE!) shades at last week’s  Young Hollywood Awards Solstice Sunglass suite. The only thing sillier than celebs going nuts and posing in free shades is the people who pay money for the same expensive shades given gratis to celebs.  But just in case you fall into that pathetic category, Katharine’s in a Gucci 2948 style and Josh is wearing Emporio Armani 9365. But you didn’t hear it from me, okay?


Photo Credits: WireImage.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead