emilie de ravin lost s6 320 3 Your one stop shop for the final season of 'Lost'Hey, “Lost” fans are just like everyone else: they’re insanely busy. I get it. In that crazy little thing called life, it’s easy to forget a thing or two. Heck, you might forget that you’ve forgotten it. A double whammy, that. Well, I can’t fix everything in your life, but I can provide at least one thing that should help you out: a one-stop shop for everything you need going into Season 6 of “Lost.”

But before we start: Maureen Ryan from the Chicago Tribune is not only an excellent TV critic, and not only just finished transcribing an epic, entertaining interview with Damon Lindelof and Cartlon Cuse…but she’s helping to raise money for Haitian relief. She’s asked me to pass on the message, and a link to how you can help contribute. Every dollar counts, and there’s even some “Lost”-related swag potentially available for those that donate. So please stop by and lend a hand. Every dollar counts. 
Now, onto the task at hand today: links to every gallery, series, and set of articles that will put you in the proper state of mind for the final leg of the “Lost” journey. Along with yesterday’s entry, they represent the full scope of the best Zap2it has to offer to fans of the show heading into the final season of the show. With the full support of the staff here at Zap2it, I’ve tried my best to give you more than your fair share of insight, speculation, and (hopefully) humor. What you’ve given me back is one of the best communities online, providing both feedback and a drive to continually improve my craft to meet the energy and enthusiasm that you’ve put forth. This collection of content would not be possible without you.

So, thanks, and, of course…namaste.
The “We Have to Go Back” Gallery

If I were Stephen King, this would be my “Dark Tower.” It’s a lengthy, in-depth, and completely original take on every…single…episode…ever. I don’t just break down what happened in each episode; I put them in the context of the series as a whole. Along the way, I looked at character arcs, mythological developments, and made more 80’s references than any other “Lost” blogger in history. You’re welcome. So wake me up before you go-go to that gallery.
The “Light vs. Dark” Series
“The Incident” pulled back the curtain on two heavyweights in the “Lost” universe: Jacob and The Man in Black. This series looks at crucial and heretofore mysterious moments in the show’s history to see if one of these two figures might have had a hand in it. You might be surprised to see how heavily they’ve been involved from the outset.
The “Six in Six” Series

This series looks ahead to Season 6, looking at various things we can expect, hope to avoid, and desperately want to experience in the show’s final season. Speculation ahoy!
The Top 25 Moments in “Lost” History

The Top 25 “Lost” Quotes
The Top 25 “Lost” Characters

Three galleries, seventy-five entries, and an unlimited source of water-cooler discussion. There’s something for everyone there, from the casual fan to the one that knows Frogurt’s middle name. Dive in!
Underappreciated “Lost” Theatre
This series looks at episodes otherwise neglected. It’s not that people dislike these episodes; it’s simply that they get overlooked when talking about seminal moments, hidden clues, and underrated greatness. The highs of “Lost” are so high that it’s easy to sometimes take the show for granted. This series seeks to correct it. Episodes included are:
Tricia Tanaka is Dead

Live Together, Die Alone

Do No Harm
Something Nice Back Home

So, enjoy those links during the final weekend before Season 6 starts!
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