Another year, another Super Bowl party. But how do you spice things up? How do you make the New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks showdown special? Let YouTube guide the way.

YouTube isn’t just a place to upload cute videos of your cat or watch your favorite performers’ music videos anymore; it’s the place to go to get makeup tips, ask for advice or — you guessed it — plan a party. Zap2it curated some helpful and hilarious videos from some of the site’s biggest stars to help make your Super Bowl XLIX party that much more unique.
Make a Snack Stadium with the help of ‘Epic Meal Time’
Go big or go home, right? “Epic Meal Time” earned a name for itself by creating ridiculous, calorie-filled dishes, but this football-themed snack stadium really would be an incredible centerpiece for a Super Bowl party.
Use Bethany Mota’s DIY party guide to class things up
Bethany Mota’s fantastic DIY party tricks video isn’t particularly Super Bowl-themed, but the tips she shares are applicable anyway: Every party is better with a photo booth, pick easy snacks that can be easily spiced up and use quick crafting techniques to make your glasses stand out — though maybe lay off the glitter for all the football bros.
Let Flama’s Nikki Limo help you anticipate your guest types
Every Super Bowl party has its stereotypical guests, and Nikki Limo at Flama perfectly highlights them — are you a Snacker or a Misfit or a Commercial Breaker? Plan ahead for who is going to be coming so you don’t run out of food, aren’t upset when someone doesn’t follow the game and won’t roll your eyes at the Fem-Bro and the Stat Guy.
Watch Hannah Hart mostly fail at explaining pigs in a blanket
This video is more funny than helpful, but watching Hannah Hart’s “My Drunk Kitchen” Super Bowl special as she sort of-ish explains making pigs in a blanket is hilarious. Plus, if you didn’t know how to make the second-easiest football snack food (nachos being the first, obviously) then now you do.
Actually use Rosanna Pansino’s DIY football snacks ideas
If you are looking for some Super Bowl food tips that don’t involve stadium-shaped snack madness or Goldschlager, Rosanna Pasino’s DIY football treats breakdown is a great place to start. Those mason jar root beer floats are adorable.
Then make sure your bases are covered with Average Betty’s tips
Wrong sports pun? Maybe, but it’s the perfect one to describe Average Betty’s catch-all video posted ahead of Super Bowl XLVI.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz