It’s hard to say David Bowie doesn’t still have an edge to him. The singer’s latest music video was booted from the video sharing website YouTube due to “violating terms of service.” However, it was later reinstated, with the removal being called a “mistake.”
The clip is set to “The Next Day,” the title track from Bowie’s latest album and features the singer and a band performing in a bar littered with priests and prostitutes. It begins with Gary Oldman, playing a priest, punching a beggar who asks for a dollar, before going into the bar.
Once inside he dances with a prostitute played by Marion Cotillard. At a certain point she develops stigmata wounds on her hands, spraying blood all over the bar’s patrons. Once Cotillard eventually falls over, Oldman’s character screams at Bowie, “Do you see that? This is your doing! You call yourself a prophet?” By the end, Cotillard’s character has become a saint herself.
Bowie then thanks Marion and Gary by name before disappearing into thin air. The video can be watched below, but a warning to sensitive viewers: The clip contains explicit imagery.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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