If you feel like you’ve missed out on the year in pop culture, YouTube has your back. The video-sharing website has put together their annual year in review music video, which recreated 2013’s biggest moments and sets them to the hit songs you couldn’t escape. They best part is they do it all with YouTube stars.
In the 2013 YouTube Rewind, you’ll see bigger names like Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and some “Sesame Street” characters, but the real fun comes from those who have gotten famous through the site. The guys from “Smosh” are doing a “Breaking Bad” twerk, while Hannah Hart from “My Drunk Kitchen” is Miley Cyrus, with Rhett and Link as her teddy bear dancers.
There are also appearances by Grace Helbig (“Daily Grace”), Harley Morenstein (“Epic Meal Time”), Freddie Wong (“Video Game High School”), Jenna Marbles and an endless supply of others, who all look like they’re having a great time. Then there’s the goats that stampede, because everything is just a little bit better with goats.
As for the music, “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say),” “Blurred Lines,” “Harlem Shake,” “Can’t Hold Us” and “Get Lucky” are just a few of the songs that gets their time to shine.
Take a look at the video above and see if you can spot your favorite YouTube stars. Then watch the making of the video below:

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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