Google is really going above and beyond at April Fool’s Day this year. The company surprised consumers with its YouTube shutdown prank on March 31, starting the holiday of tricks off early.

A video was released on YouTube saying the video uploading site is “ready to select a winner,” and would do so on midnight at April 1, 2013. According to the video, which can be watched above, YouTube’s main goal over the past decade has been to find the best video on the Internet, and that now the site ready start going through all the entries submitted and find the perfect one.

The plan was allegedly to delete every YouTube video and shut the site down for a decade. Then, in 2023, YouTube would relaunch showing the selected winner’s video and nothing else. Oh, and Antoine Dodson is apparently a YouTube judge.

This isn’t the only prank Google has done in 2013. First there was the announcement of the Google Nose beta — after all, smelling is believing — and then the company revealed it is allowing fans to use a Treasure Maps search on the Google Maps webpage. Did any of these April Fool’s jokes trick you?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz