It’s episodes like Wednesday’s (Oct. 10) Gossip Girl that make me realize that yeah, I’m a card-carrying girl because the whole BFF theme just gave me the warm fuzzies. Or perhaps it was the martini I was sipping. Let’s give both credit.

Spoilers ahead, dressed in matching outfits.

I had fears that the show would take itself way too seriously, but I must admit that the clothes and the way they’ve opened the show two weeks in a row is just goofy. As soon as I heard those first measures of "Moon River," I knew a Breakfast at Tiffany’s dream sequence was in the works. Sure enough, Blair was playing Audrey, but was dismayed to see not jewelry, but Serena in the shop window laughing with perpetual hangers-on Kati and Isabel. Horrifying!

I’ve never seen Blair smile so much. It’s so cute! Things seem to be looking up for doe-eyed Blair since her mom wants her to be the face of her fashion line and she’s finally reconciled with Serena. How vulnerable did B look getting tucked in by her mom? Awww.

You knew it was heading downhill from there. Yup, apparently, Blair’s test shots were lacking fire, and Eleanor Waldorf was forced to admit that Serena was the better model for her line. But does she tell her daughter? Nope. Blair finds out on her own and naturally thinks the worse: Serena has shanked her again. Strangely enough, it’s social leper Dan who patches everything up when he gives B a subtle, multi-layered talk about confronting someone. This allows B to face the true enemy, her mom.

Meanwhile, Chuck Bass proves that it certainly is the devil you know that has your back. When a former high society guy returns to town and waxes poetic about living a life of meaning, not means, he captures Nate‘s imagination. Our disillusioned boy gets suckered into a rigged card game, and it’s Chuck to the rescue, complete with snazzy cravat. Darn, I would have loved it if he had rocked a white hat as well.

I wanted a nice bro hug there, but instead, Nate got a nasty, shocking surprise when he tried to pay Chuck back. Apparently, Nate’s upstanding Navy dad had drained his boy’s trust fund. Hmmm, there may be a reason why he’s pushing Nate to go Ivy League and stick with the status quo.

Oh, and Rufus and Lily keep dancing around each other again. After a buyer purchases Rufus’s estranged wife’s painting for a mystery client, that client turns out to be Lily. And whoa, their history is a lot more involved than previously hinted. It turns out that wifey Allison has "always" hated Lily. Perhaps she has grounds for this hatred.

Chuck and Blair Highlights:

Chuck couture! Still lovin’ the pastels, bow tie and waistcoat. Later, he rocks a really awful powder blue head- and sweatband out on the courts. Like he really plays ball.
– Insult a la Chuck: "He looks like Matthew McConnaughey between movies."
– Blair to Dan, who is carrying Cuban sandwiches: "Do I smell pork and cheese?"
– Chuck: "This party is about excess, not exposition. Stop talking and start partying."
– Blair calls Dan "Cabbage Patch."
– Blair doing a very weak-ass lion impersonation. Rawr.
– Dan about Blair: "95-pound … bon mot-tossing … girly evil."
– Blair tirade to Serena: "You take everything from me: Nate, my mom. You can’t even help it. It’s who you are."

As happy as I was to see Blair kind of sweet, she’s up to her old tricks when she gets Jenny Humphrey in trouble.

Your thoughts on this episode? How long will this temporary S & B friendship last?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen