Yvette Nicole Brown attends a Love is Louder benefit in 2013

Yvette Nicole Brown may be the most excited person on the Internet about “Once Upon a Time” going to the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con, but she has no time for Twitter haters that want to rain on her parade. 
“The Odd Couple” star will be moderating the ABC fantasy series’ panel at the annual convention and opened her Twitter feed on Wednesday (June 24) for fans to send in questions. When obnoxious fans started tweeting in with aggressive and negative questions, Brown decided to correct the situation swiftly. 

After shutting down the haters, Brown goes on to clarify that her Twitter page is not for people who want to cause problems or drama. She wants everyone to have a good time talking about the show: All ships welcome as long as you understand yours aren’t better than anyone else’s.

This isn’t the first time the actress, who voiced Ursula in Season 3 of the show, has run into trouble with obstinate “OUAT” fans. Brown routinely live tweets episodes of “Once Upon a Time” but was attacked by a cyber crowd of fans during a live-tweeting session last October

The incident forced her to take a break from tweeting about the show so she didn’t incur any more wrath. 

Despite the negativity, Brown is still asking fans to send her in questions — just be sensible and positive about it. You can find out which ones she picks when the “OUAT” cast takes the Hall H stage in San Diego on July 11. 

Posted by:Megan Vick