zac efron maui getty Zac Efron allegedly drops a condom on the 'Lorax' red carpet...oops!

If we learn one thing from the “Lorax” red carpet premiere, held Sunday, Feb. 19 in Hollywood, it’s that Zac Efron practices safe sex.
Sure, it’s not the most family-friendly revelation to come from the red carpet of an animated kids movie, but it sure is hilarious!
A video recently surfaced online of a carpet-walking Efron taking something from his pocket and handing it to his assistant when a gold foil-wrapped square falls out and tumbles to the ground. We can’t actually confirm it was a condom, but unless he makes a habit of carrying around Ghirardelli chocolate squares or some other similarly packaged products, we can make an educated guess.
Besides, he clearly mouths “oh my god” to his assistant after the blunder. 
Frankly, we find the whole thing really funny. Yeah, it’s weird he just has condoms in his pocket at a red carpet event, but it’s not actually a big deal. Essentially, this is the equivalent of a teenage girl dropping a tampon from her purse in the middle of science class, just on a much, much larger scale.
Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

Posted by:Jean Bentley