zac efron elmo sesame street Zac Efron and Elmo teach you patience in 'Sesame Street' clipIf you weren’t already in love with Zac Efron, or if you need another reason to adore him, you’ll definitely want to watch this clip of his appearance on “Sesame Street,” during which he hangs out with Elmo and teaches the furry red monster about the word “patience.”

Zac and Elmo are getting ready to go play basketball, but Zac’s got to explain the word “patience” to viewers first. Unfortunately Elmo wants to play NOW. Conveniently, because Elmo is so impatient, this gives Zac the perfect setup to explain “patience.”

Watch the clip, which is scheduled to air on the Friday, Sept. 28 episode of “Sesame Street,” and be reminded that Zac Efron is basically perfect and swoon a lot, then get sad because you realize that you’ll never actually be together.

Posted by:Jean Bentley